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Competition Winners

Thank you to you all for entering the fabulous HEXUS competitions.

HEXUS’ policy is to notify all winners via email within seven days of the competition closing.

Once notified via email, the winners’ first name, initial of the surname, and country of entry will be displayed in the recent competitions winners section.

If you believe your name is listed in the winners’ section but you haven’t received an email from HEXUS, we’re sad to say you haven’t won that competition – but please keep entering competitions because the next winner could be you!

Win a WD_Black SSD bundle

Win a monitor in the iiyama Faster than Thought Giveaway

Winner: Mariel P., United Kingdom

Winner: Phil T., United Kingdom Jake P., United Kingdom Ronnie S., United Kingdom Andy B., United Kingdom

Win one of three be quiet! upgrade bundles

Win a monitor in the iiyama Kick Ass Curved Giveaway

Winner: Richard M., United Kingdom chris k., United Kingdom Nicole W., United Kingdom

Winner: Matthew W., United Kingdom Charles W., United Kingdom Peter C., United Kingdom Anthony J., United Kingdom

Win an AKRacing Onyx Chair from Scan Computers

Win an Asus ROG Chariot Gaming Chair

Winner: Sunette M., United Kingdom

Winner: Colin C., United Kingdom

Win one of three ASRock AMD AM4 motherboards

Win a Cyberpower Tracer III Evo HDR-600 Gaming Laptop

Winner: Martin V., Slovakia Angel D., United Kingdom Angel D., United Kingdom Florian S., Romania

Winner: Jacqueline B., United Kingdom

Win one of three Noctua NH-U12S redux bundles

Win a G-Technology ArmorLock Portable SSD from WD

Winner: Paul d., Australia Nicola C., United Kingdom Joseph R., United Kingdom

Winner: Vanessa D., Germany

Win one of two G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4 memory kits

Win an AOC AG273QZ 240Hz gaming monitor

Winner: Jeff Smith S., United Kingdom Johan Tromp, Netherlands

Winner: Norman N., United Kingdom

Day 31: Win a Scan 3XS System powered by AMD Ryzen

Day 30: Win a Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 6800 XT

Winner: Ron W., United Kingdom

Winner: Brian K., Ireland

Day 29: Win one of two Creative audio bundles

Day 28: Win a PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT Red Devil

Winner: Robert L., United Kingdom Ondrej J., Czech Republic

Winner: Richard D., United Kingdom

Day 27: Win an MSI RTX 3070 from Cyberpower

Day 26: Win a Patriot Viper SSD and RAM upgrade

Winner: Peter R., United Kingdom

Winner: Maciej Z., United Kingdom

Day 25: Win one of two be quiet! upgrade bundles

Day 24: Win one of two Geil 64GB memory kits

Winner: Nick W., United Kingdom Eddie H., United Kingdom

Winner: Dave jennison J., United Kingdom Ben E., Australia

Day 23: Win a Fractal Design upgrade bundle

Day 22: Win a Cougar gaming chair and desk

Winner: peter j., United Kingdom Liane D., Germany

Winner: paris S., United Kingdom

Day 21: Win a Shuttle Barebone XPC slim PC

Day 20: Win a TerraMaster DAS or NAS

Winner: Thomas Canner, United Kingdom Christian Alexander Kaiser, United Kingdom

Winner: Dominik D., Ireland Joao Ferreira, Netherlands

Day 19: Win one of two Zadak upgrade bundles

Day 18: Win a Philips Brilliance 32in 4K monitor

Winner: William C., Canada huguette P., France

Winner: Colin E., United Kingdom

Day 17: Win one of two Vivify cable bundles

Day 16: Win a Cooler Master cooling bundle

Winner: David C., United Kingdom Claudio R., Italy

Winner: Gregorio M., Spain Colin B., United Kingdom

Day 15: Win a Zhiyun Crane 2S

Day 14: Win one of two Alphacool watercooling kits

Winner: Dan P., United Kingdom

Winner: Barry A., United Kingdom Carina C., Netherlands

Day 13: Win an NZXT upgrade bundle

Day 12: Win one of three Noctua cooling bundles

Winner: Keith T., United Kingdom Luke B., United Kingdom

Winner: José Luis B., Portugal Andy J., United Kingdom Richard B., United Kingdom

Day 11: Win a WD_Black storage bundle

Day 10: Win a Corsair gaming bundle

Winner: Katalin P., United Kingdom

Winner: Ethan T., Singapore

Day 9: Win a TeamGroup SSD and RAM bundle

Day 8: Win one of two Roccat gaming bundles

Winner: Michael I., United Kingdom Eleftherios P., Greece

Winner: Dan D., United Kingdom Teijo Y., Finland

Day 7: Win a Qnap TS-451D2 NAS

Day 6: Win a Palit GeForce RTX 3080 GameRock

Winner: John A., United Kingdom

Winner: Gavin B., United Kingdom

Day 5: Win one of two InWin 309 chassis

Day 4: Win one of two Deepcool upgrade bundles

Winner: Matthew M., United Kingdom Fabien L., France

Winner: Ole Jakob M., Norway Paul U., United Kingdom

Day 3: Win a Cherry peripheral bundle

Day 2: Win one of two ASRock motherboards

Winner: Harry R., United Kingdom Petry w., Belgium

Winner: joseba M., Spain Michael Lorrimore J., United Kingdom

Day 1: Win an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

Win a Seagate FireCuda Gaming Dock

Winner: Lewis L., United Kingdom

Winner: Jay P., United Kingdom

Win a PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT Red Devil

Win an AOC C27G2ZU Curved Gaming Monitor

Winner: Adam Gergo H., United Kingdom

Winner: Kendo C., United Kingdom

Win a Palit GeForce RTX 2070 Super GP Premium

Win one of three be quiet! Pure Base 500DX chassis

Winner: Shane D., United Kingdom

Winner: Jason C., United Kingdom Jonas W., Germany Lucy M., United Kingdom

Win a Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE gaming mouse

Win a PC Specialist 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Gaming PC

Winner: Dario G., United Kingdom Zoe B., United Kingdom

Winner: Michael W., United Kingdom

Day 31: Win a Scan 3XS Gamer XT iCUE gaming PC

Day 30: Win a Kingston SSD upgrade bundle

Winner: Michael J., United Kingdom

Winner: simon J., United Kingdom

Day 29: Win an MSI gaming bundle

Day 28: Win a TP-Link Archer C5400X router

Winner: Fred W., United Kingdom

Winner: Matthew R., United Kingdom

Day 27: Win an InWin 915 E-ATX Chassis

Day 26: Win a Palit GeForce RTX 2070

Winner: John M., United Kingdom

Winner: Janet H., United Kingdom

Day 25: Win a WD Black storage bundle

Day 24: Win a Kingston HyperX gaming bundle

Winner: Helen N., United Kingdom

Winner: Sam G., United Kingdom

Day 23: Win a Raijintek chassis or cooler

Day 22: Win an AOC AG352QCX gaming monitor

Winner: Alexander H., Germany Iain C., United Kingdom Rich M., United Kingdom

Winner: Carwyn H., United Kingdom

Day 21: Win a Sapphire Radeon graphics card

Day 20: Win an Nvidia Shield TV

Winner: Dmitry S., Ukraine Dwayne H., United Kingdom

Winner: William J., United States

Day 19: Win a Deepcool upgrade bundle

Day 18: Win one of two Lian Li chassis bundles

Winner: Paul E., United Kingdom

Winner: Ollie M., United Kingdom STATHIS M., Greece

Day 17: Win an Alphacool liquid-cooling bundle

Day 16: Win one of two Seagate storage bundles

Winner: Tony G., United Kingdom

Winner: Chris H., United Kingdom Iain Coull C., United Kingdom

Day 15: Win a Corsair bundle worth over £500

Day 14: Win a £700 EKWB gift voucher

Winner: Chirag P., United Kingdom

Winner: Vinnie S., United Kingdom

Day 13: Win Roccat gaming upgrades

Day 12: Win Netgear wireless networking goodies

Winner: Miles O., United Kingdom David M., United Kingdom

Winner: Heather D., United Kingdom Joseph B., United Kingdom

Day 11: Win an Antec PC upgrade

Day 10: Win one of three Noctua cooling bundles

Winner: Tom S., United Kingdom

Winner: JeanMichel L., France Antim Luta, United Kingdom Darren N., United Kingdom

Day 9: Win a QNAP TS-251B NAS

Day 8: Win a white gaming bundle from Corsair

Winner: Gavin C., United Kingdom

Winner: JAMES L., United States

Day 7: Win an MSI RTX 2070 Super via Cyberpower

Day 6: Win a Shuttle XPC Barebone SZ270R8 PC

Winner: Sam C., United Kingdom

Winner: Amil H., United Kingdom Gael r., France

Day 5: Win an AMD Ryzen and Radeon bundle

Day 4: Win an iiyama G-Master monitor

Winner: Anne N., United Kingdom

Winner: helen s., United Kingdom Tim W., United Kingdom

Day 3: Win a be quiet! chassis, PSU and fans

Day 2: Win Creative Sound Blaster goodies

Winner: James T., United Kingdom

Winner: Shahrok Samavi S., United Kingdom Anne E., France

Day 1: Win an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Win a 1TB Seagate FireCuda 510 NVMe SSD

Winner: Elias E., Norway

Winner: Robbie K., United Kingdom

Win your choice of be quiet! Dark Rock CPU cooler

Win one two AMD Ryzen 7 3700X upgrade bundles

Winner: Pedro R., Portugal Simon R., United Kingdom Keith R., United Kingdom

Winner: Dieter H., Belgium Dylan P., United Kingdom

Win a PC Specialist 3rd Gen Ryzen Gaming PC

Win a Palit GeForce RTX 2070 Super JS graphics card

Winner: Jade B, United Kingdom

Winner: Chris G., United Kingdom

Win one of three WD NVMe SSDs

Win a Toshiba SSD bundle

Winner: Sebastian S., United Kingdom Aneirin R., United Kingdom Jun M., United Kingdom

Winner: julia a., United Kingdom

Day 33: Win an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Day 32: Win a Gigabyte Sabre 17-W8 laptop

Winner: Jack L., Ireland

Winner: Alastair M., United Kingdom

Day 31: Win a Scan eSports Gaming PC

Day 30: Win a Qnap TS-231P2-4G NAS

Winner: Adio S., United Kingdom

Winner: Hermann B., Netherlands

Day 29: Win a Sharkoon headset and chair

Day 28: Win a Fractal Design chassis and cooler

Winner: David W., United Kingdom

Winner: Brodie h., United Kingdom JOHN G., United Kingdom

Day 27: Win a Raijintek case and cooler bundle

Day 26: Win one of three WD storage upgrades

Winner: Luong N., United Kingdom Eddie B., United Kingdom

Winner: Mark M., United Kingdom Moscato G., Belgium Christelle L., France

Day 25: Win an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X

Day 24: Win one of three Arctic accessory bundles

Winner: Dirk P., Germany

Winner: Susan G., United Kingdom Geremia Andrea Comi, Italy Cecile M., France

Day 23: Win a Roccat gaming peripheral bundle

Day 22: Win an AOC Agon AG352UCG6 Black Edition

Winner: Adrian Wenden, United Kingdom CHERYL A., United Kingdom

Winner: Doug J., United States

Day 21: Win an Antec upgrade bundle

Day 20: Win an NZXT chassis and PSU bundle

Winner: Graham Green G., United Kingdom

Winner: Alex L., United Kingdom Jack J., United Kingdom Jake Daniel M., United Kingdom Muaimin ., United Kingdom

Day 19: Win an MSI RTX 2070 from Cyberpower

Day 18: Win one of two G.Skill Trident-Z Royal kits

Winner: Calum R., United Kingdom

Winner: Arunas N., Lithuania Erwan B., France

Day 17: Win a Chillblast Fnatic Games Console

Day 16: Win a Cooler Master peripheral bundle

Winner: william S., United Kingdom

Winner: Loukman T., United Kingdom Søren H., Denmark

Day 15: Win a Corsair wireless gaming bundle

Day 14: Win one of three Noctua cooling bundles

Winner: Keith O., United Kingdom

Winner: Mark M., United Kingdom Dimitri D., France Matthaios Makrypoulias, Greece

Day 13: Win one of two Razer peripheral bundles

Day 12: Win a Shuttle XPC Cube SZ270R9

Winner: soazig o., France Lisa B., United Kingdom

Winner: Paul M., United Kingdom papin V., France

Day 11: Win a be quiet! chassis, PSU or cooler

Day 10: Win an HP Omen 15 laptop from Box.co.uk

Winner: Catherine B., United Kingdom Luca Bernabei, Italy Jose C D., Spain Mike S., United Kingdom

Winner: Michelle myers M., United Kingdom

Day 9: Win an NZXT Kraken X62 liquid cooler

Day 8: Win a Corsair gaming peripheral bundle

Winner: Charles C., United Kingdom Edward N., United Kingdom Michael C., United Kingdom Jonathan N., United Kingdom Aaron L., United Kingdom Mike L., United Kingdom Joel F., United Kingdom David T., United Kingdom

Winner: Alex H., United Kingdom

Day 7: Win one of two InWin 909 chassis

Day 6: Win one of three 1More headphones

Winner: Omar B., United Kingdom Kris B., United Kingdom

Winner: Yvonne Jarman C., United Kingdom Peter H., United Kingdom Kate Williams W., United Kingdom

Day 5: Win a Drobo 5N2

Day 4: Win a Sapphire GearBox TB3 enclosure

Winner: Maria C., United Kingdom

Winner: James J., United Kingdom

Day 3: Win an iiyama G-Master monitor

Day 2: Win an Aerocool AC120 Air RGB chair

Winner: Andrew Gillatt, United Kingdom Michael A., United Kingdom

Winner: Jonathan S., United Kingdom Mr James B., United Kingdom

Day 1: Win an EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Win one of three be-quiet! Silent Base chassis

Winner: Steven F., United Kingdom Jonathan R., United Kingdom

Winner: Daniele Ramirez, Italy Ray T., United Kingdom littiere e., France

Win one of five iiyama monitors

Win a Killer-enabled Alienware 15 gaming bundle

Winner: Ian M., United Kingdom Trevnal L., United Kingdom MATTHEW T., United Kingdom David P., United Kingdom Robina L., United Kingdom

Winner: horst v., Netherlands Dylan B., United Kingdom Keith B., United Kingdom FOUCAT s., France Jason E., United States Jason M., United States

Win a Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Vulcan X OC

Win a Palit GeForce RTX 2080 GamingPro

Winner: Henry C., United Kingdom

Winner: Ron Grau, United Kingdom

Win one of two awesome Corsair upgrade bundles

Win an epic Aorus GTX 1080 Ti gaming bundle

Winner: George J., United Kingdom Gaelle H., France

Winner: David ., United Kingdom

Win a Western Digital SSD upgrade

Win a SilverStone chassis or PSU upgrade

Winner: al c., United Kingdom steve C., United Kingdom Sean G., United Kingdom

Winner: John King J., United Kingdom Georgi S., United Kingdom Danielle M., United Kingdom Sean S., United Kingdom

Win a DinoPC Primal GEN Intel Gaming PC

Win a be quiet! Straight Power 11 upgrade bundle

Winner: John S., United Kingdom

Winner: Helen F., United Kingdom Guy L., France lawrence B., United Kingdom

Win a Mesh Elite 8600K gaming rig

Day 29: Win an upgrade bundle from NZXT

Winner: Shaun B., United Kingdom

Winner: Tobias L., Germany

Day 28: Win an Nvidia Shield TV

Day 27: Win a Cooler Master gaming upgrade

Winner: Julie F., United Kingdom laura b., United Kingdom

Winner: Joseph C., Ireland

Day 26: Win an iiyama XUB2792QSU-B1 monitor

Day 25: Win be quiet! PC upgrades

Winner: Jason D., United Kingdom Benny Coumans B., Belgium

Winner: Neil A., United Kingdom

Day 24: Win a Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 56 Nitro+

Day 23: Win 16GB Crucial Ballistix RAM

Winner: Andrew H., United Kingdom

Winner: Gavin B., United Kingdom Dovydas Survila, Lithuania James L., United Kingdom gregory baehring, United States David C York, United Kingdom

Day 22: Win an Aorus GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

Day 21: Win a Razer Destiny 2 gaming bundle

Winner: Isabelle S., France

Winner: Matthew P., United Kingdom

Day 20: Win a Corsair RGB gaming bundle

Day 19: Win lots of tasty Asus prizes

Winner: David Smith, United Kingdom

Winner: Johannah C., United Kingdom

Day 18: Win an AMD Ryzen 7 upgrade bundle

Day 17: Win an MSI Gaming Bundle

Winner: Daniel Malave, United States

Winner: Michael Behan, Ireland

Day 16: Win one of five WD Blue 1TB hard drives

Day 15: Win a Stormforce gaming PC

Winner: Brian G., United Kingdom Vivian D., United Kingdom David Raymond, United States ROBERT N., United Kingdom Audrey s., France

Winner: Tim W., United Kingdom

Day 14: Win a be quiet upgrade bundle

Day 13: Win one of five Crucial BX300 SSDs

Winner: Kim L., United Kingdom

Winner: Elke P., Germany Dimitar D., United Kingdom Wayne B., United Kingdom Ken W., United States Anne r., France

Day 12: Win a Kingston HyperX gaming bundle

Day 11: Win Roccat gaming goodies

Winner: Laurentiu M., United Kingdom Vanie m., Belgium

Winner: Christine F., France

Alienware 15 Laptop & Killer-enabled Linksys WRT32X

Day 10: Win a Razer PS4 gaming bundle

Winner: Tilen R., Slovenia James M., New Zealand Emerson Clark G., Philippines Bhaskar SHetty B., India Fontaine a., France Sylvie Diraison D., France

Winner: Huguette P., France

Day 9: Win a Corsair gaming peripheral bundle

Day 8: Win an Asus gaming peripheral bundle

Winner: Thierry V., France Elliott D., United Kingdom

Winner: Thadde R., France

Win a Quiet PC Nofan A890S Silent Desktop

Day 7: Win an AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

Winner: Ken S., United Kingdom

Winner: Konstantins V., Latvia

Day 6: Win a Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Nitro+

Win a be quiet! Dark Base 700 upgrade

Winner: Theo S., United Kingdom

Winner: Nciky L., United Kingdom GZOO A., United Kingdom

Day 5: Win an MSI Gaming bundle

Day 4: Win a Cooler Master upgrade bundle

Winner: John W., United Kingdom

Winner: Ellen S., United Kingdom

Day 3: Win a 32in curved iiyama monitor

Day 2: Win a 512GB WD Black PCIe SSD

Winner: Barry H., United Kingdom

Winner: Sascha H., Belgium John ., United Kingdom Mathieu F., France Ben G., United Kingdom elodie L., France

Day 1: Win an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

Win a Core i7-8700K gaming rig from Scan and Asus

Winner: Daniel Barker D., United Kingdom

Winner: Scott B., United Kingdom

Win dual iiyama G-Master FreeSync monitors

Win the ultimate gaming peripherals upgrade from Corsair

Winner: MICHAEL HENDERSON, United Kingdom Alan R., United Kingdom

Winner: mick C., United Kingdom

Win a Cyberpower Infinity X77 Titanium gaming rig

Win an AMD Ryzen PC with Gigabyte and FreshTech

Winner: Julien M., France

Winner: thomas n., United Kingdom

Win an AMD RX 460-based gaming PC

Win a GIGABYTE-powered DinoPC gaming rig

Winner: Simon A., United Kingdom

Winner: John H., United Kingdom

Day 25: Win the new Nvidia Shield TV

Day 24: Win an OCLU Action Camera

Winner: Lisa D., United States

Winner: Marcel P., France

Day 23: Win an Asus RT-AC5300

Day 22: Win a OnePlus 3T

Winner: James L., United Kingdom

Winner: Dan E., United Kingdom

Day 21: Win a 1TB Crucial MX300 SSD

Day 20: Win a Razer Ornata and Orochi bundle

Winner: Nikos Vakondios, Greece Tim M., United States

Winner: Philip F., United States MICHAEL H., United Kingdom

Day 19 - Win a Krtkl snickerdoodle bundle

Day 18: Win a Fitbit Charge 2

Winner: Cosmin Jelea, Canada

Winner: TonY M., United Kingdom Harry L., United States Maelig G., France

Day 17: Win an Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

Day 16: Win a Zotac Zbox and Pimax VR

Winner: Jacob grose, United States Jason M., United States Adrian Catalin U., Romania

Winner: Matt R., United Kingdom

Day 15: Win an Amazon Echo Dot

Day 14: Win a Nest Thermostat and Protect bundle

Winner: Nicola S., United Kingdom Lisa E., Canada Kyle M., Canada Roger Yeakle R., United States ROBERT N., United States Ross G., United Kingdom Igor D., Russian Federation

Winner: John S., United Kingdom

Win a be quiet! Dark Base chassis and Silent Loop cooler

Day 13: Win an iiyama G-Master 4K monitor

Winner: Alex R, United Kingdom Felix S, Finland Renz M, United Kingdom

Winner: amy jay E., United Kingdom

Day 12: Win a Creative iRoar bundle

Day 11: Win a Huawei Honor 8

Winner: Vassilis Lazouras, Cyprus

Winner: Edmond Steinberg, South Africa

Day 10: Win a Synology NAS and Router Bundle

Day 9: Win a Y-cam Protect Alarm System

Winner: le guelvouit romuald, France

Winner: Andrew C., United Kingdom

Day 8: Win a Cocoon Home Security System

Day 7: Win a Qnap TS-231+

Winner: James C., United Kingdom

Winner: Sharon C., United Kingdom Jeremy S., Malaysia

Day 6: Win a Google Pixel XL

Day 5: Win a Y-cam Starter Kit

Winner: Spok W., United Kingdom

Winner: Simon L., United Kingdom

Day 4: Win an Omate Yumi

Day 3: Win a SoftIron OverDrive 1000

Winner: Rich B., United Kingdom

Winner: Christos Theocharis, Czech Republic

Day 2: Win a Corsair Gaming Bundle

Win a Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming Graphics Card

Winner: Georgios Baltatzis, Australia

Winner: Gregory C., United Kingdom

Win one of three 480GB Sandisk Ultra II SSDs

Win 1 of 10 Killer-optimised gaming motherboards

Winner: Gael r., France Ian W., United Kingdom cj r., United Kingdom

Winner: Marko P., Croatia Laura D., United States David Desmeulemester d., France MARK D., United Kingdom kerviche p., France Matthew B., United States Ben B., United Kingdom Ahmad Majid Younis A., Israel Arisca Mei Wahyu Widianto A., Indonesia Carla P., Portugal

Win a Fractal Design Define Nano S Mnpctech Edition

Win a Cyberpower Luxe Xtreme gaming rig

Winner: SALIL K., India

Winner: David B., United Kingdom

Win a Zowie gaming bundle

Win one of two Rosewill PC upgrade bundles

Winner: Christopher J., United Kingdom

Winner: Danny H., United Kingdom Jason F., United Kingdom

Win an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

Win an EVGA SC17 Gaming Laptop

Winner: Thomas G., United Kingdom

Winner: Adam C., United States

Win one of three SK hynix Canvas SL301 SSDs

Win one of ten Synology DS216j NAS servers

Winner: filippo malaguti, Italy Sydrex Deo S., Philippines Sarah B., United Kingdom

Winner: Ivan D., Bulgaria SIMON K., United Kingdom Herbert A., United Kingdom Dushyanth Krishnamurthy Rao, Sweden sean w., United Kingdom Terry D., United Kingdom Cameron J., United Kingdom Gurpreet G., United Kingdom Dieter D., Germany emma w., United Kingdom

Win a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Win one of three SilverStone upgrade bundles

Winner: Stephen J, Cardiff

Winner: Jay M., United States Matt T., United Kingdom Vedran Š., Croatia

Win a professional console gaming monitor from BenQ

Win a Huawei Mate 8

Winner: Mandi D., United Kingdom

Winner: Rudy Laimena L., Indonesia

Win a Fractal Define Nano S Gaming Bundle

Win an array of Razer gaming hardware

Winner: Wojciech S., Poland

Winner: isabelle l., France Supendi S., Australia Mohd Toufeeq, India

Win a Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti Xtreme Gaming WaterForce

Win a professional 4K monitor from BenQ

Winner: Felipe Bogliacino A., Argentina

Winner: Adam E., United Kingdom

Epic Giveaway Day 28: Win an Huawei Nexus 6P

Epic Giveaway Day 27: Win a Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

Winner: Mark W., United Kingdom

Winner: Joeri v., Netherlands

Epic Giveaway Day 26: Win an Huawei Honor 7

Epic Giveaway Day 25: Win Vuzix iWear Video Headphones

Winner: Helen booth, United Kingdom

Winner: Amie H., Canada

Epic Giveaway Day 24: Win one of four Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vegas

Epic Giveaway Day 23: Win a Piper Smart Home Security Camera

Winner: aimelle b., France woodrow s., United States Guru Sai Krishna Gangisetty, India Christophe Kowsky, France

Winner: Szabolcs V., Hungary

Epic Giveaway Day 22: Win one of two Qpad gaming bundles

Epic Giveaway Day 21: Win a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10

Winner: Giovanni G., France Larry C., United States

Winner: Ashley W., United Kingdom Glen R., United Kingdom

Epic Giveaway Day 20: Win one of eight SK hynix SL301 SSDs

Epic Giveaway Day 19: Win a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition

Winner: Richard C., United Kingdom Marcus B., United Kingdom Paul C., United Kingdom Alexandru C., Belgium Marc D., United States Ian W., Australia Adam J., United Kingdom Daniel D., United Kingdom

Winner: meffre c., France

Epic Giveaway Day 18: Win a Sphero 2.0 app-enabled ball

Epic Giveaway Day 17: Win a Y-cam HomeMonitor HD

Winner: Jean-Michel L., France

Winner: clive s., United Kingdom ELODIE M., France Ian G., United Kingdom Jim Baker, United States Amber M., Canada

Epic Giveaway Day 16: Win one of five Samsung SSDs

Epic Giveaway Day 15: Win a TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch

Winner: Legrand claude C., Belgium theo triantafyllidis, Greece lardenois c., France Paul B., United Kingdom Steve D., United Kingdom

Winner: Mark S., United Kingdom

Epic Giveaway Day 14: Win one of 14 dev boards and eval kits

Epic Giveaway Day 13: Win one of six Razer gaming peripherals

Winner: Kobe Shapira, Israel Chris S., United Kingdom Peter B., United Kingdom Mark T., United Kingdom Andrew T., United Kingdom Peter D., United Kingdom Christian E., Denmark Nicholas A., Trinidad and Tobago Peter B., United States Ricky G., Australia Hristiyan D., Bulgaria billy b farley, United States David C., United Kingdom Roselyne C., France

Winner: Jenny S., United States Manu A., Spain Michelle R., United Kingdom Matt G., Ireland Craig L., Canada Christopher P., Australia

Epic Giveaway Day 12: Win one of two Qnap NAS units

Win an ASUS RoG Maximus VIII Hero motherboard

Winner: Dominik Wojciechowski P., Ireland Adam J M., United Kingdom

Winner: Samuel G., United Kingdom Matthew D., United Kingdom Stephanie LLewellyn L., United Kingdom

Epic Giveaway Day 11: Win one of two 2TB WD My Clouds

Epic Giveaway Day 10: Win an Omate Smartwatch

Winner: Frank Mohnhaupt, Germany Bayle B., France

Winner: Suad F., Bosnia and Herzegovina Sharon Walsh E., Canada

Epic Giveaway Day 9: Win an HTC One A9

Epic Giveaway Day 8: Win an Nvidia Shield TV

Winner: Knud J., Denmark

Winner: David Thomas, United Kingdom ROBERT M., United Kingdom

Epic Giveaway Day 7: Win one of two Corsair gaming bundles

Epic Giveaway Day 6: Win an ASRock G10 Gaming Router

Winner: Patrick Andie Regalado O., Philippines Richard Wilson, United Kingdom

Winner: Lee S., United Kingdom

Epic Giveaway Day 5: Win an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

Epic Giveaway Day 4: Win a Synology DS1515

Winner: Leigh N., United States Istvan B., United Kingdom John S., Jersey

Winner: Kancho K., Bulgaria

Epic Giveaway Day 3: Win a Wileyfox Storm smartphone

Win a Fitbit activity bundle with HEXUS and ARM

Winner: Pat E., United Kingdom Simon Eck, Germany Pierre o., France

Winner: Andrew W., United Kingdom Stephanie P., France ANGELA ., United States

Epic Giveaway Day 2: Win an Nvidia Shield Tablet

Epic Giveaway Day 1: Win one of two ultra-fast Asus routers

Winner: Anthony H., United Kingdom MORLAND O., France

Winner: Bob Birtles B., United Kingdom fred C., United Kingdom

Win one of three MSI gaming hardware bundles

Win one of three be quiet! Silent Base 600 chassis

Winner: Jacek P., United Kingdom Keith W., United Kingdom melanie williams w., United Kingdom

Winner: Jay Dave D., United States Andrew D., United Kingdom Jay Dave D., United States Jonatan N., Denmark

Win a 'Skylake' gaming rig from Gigabyte and CCL

Win one of two Asus Chromebook Flip touchscreen computers

Winner: Colin E., United Kingdom

Winner: Stephen B., United States marcel b., Italy

Win one of two ASRock Z170 motherboards

Win one of two 27in iiyama monitors

Winner: RICHARD H., United Kingdom Si J., United Kingdom

Winner: Stephen M., United Kingdom Huguette P., France

Win an Asus-powered 'Skylake' gaming rig from Scan

Win one of three SK hynix Canvas SC300 SSDs

Winner: James Lewis, United Kingdom

Winner: John G., United Kingdom Vicky S., United Kingdom Lionel f., France

Win a DDR4 or SSD upgrade with Crucial

Win a Gameband Redstone Minecraft wearable

Winner: David P., United Kingdom Ralph M., United Kingdom Robbie K., United Kingdom

Winner: Wayne A., United Kingdom Xavier W., Belgium Sue Harrison H., United Kingdom Fabien l., France Niels Z., Germany Christina P., United States Lorène M., France DALE GASHO, United States Andy K., United Kingdom Feies V., Romania Feies V., Romania

Win a Samsung 850 Evo SSD

Win a Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury Tri-X OC

Winner: Lewis E., United Kingdom Mark T., United Kingdom

Winner: Dan M., United States

Win premium scanners with KYOCERA and Fujitsu

Win a high-end Supermicro gaming PC

Winner: Wesley H., United Kingdom Michael O., United Kingdom Karen H., United Kingdom

Winner: Steve ., United Kingdom

Win one of 10 Y-Cam HomeMonitor Indoor WiFi cameras

Win one of five Asus RP-AC52 wireless range extenders

Winner: julie h., United Kingdom Åke Tireland S., Sweden Thierry B., France IOANNIS KOKOTAS, Greece Istvan S., Hungary Jakub Maslak J., Poland Justin Earle S., Canada Jason E., United Kingdom Chris M., United Kingdom Martin V., Slovakia

Winner: Jacob Swinton S., United Kingdom Tim S., United Kingdom Louise B., United Kingdom stephen w., United Kingdom Matthew L., New Zealand

Win a Zotac GeForce GTX 980 Ti AMP! graphics card

Win a £2,000 Cyberpower Infinity Xtreme X99 Cube PC

Winner: Ciulpan I., Romania

Winner: John D, Australia

Win a be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 PSU

Win 1 of 3 In Win DFrame MINI's Chassis

Winner: Bonnemer H, France James R, United Kingdom Yvette P., United Kingdom

Winner: Gary H, United Kingdom Yahia Ei, Oman elodie l, France

Win one of two WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS boxes

Win one of two WD My Cloud EX2100 NAS boxes

Winner: Emyr, United Kingdom

Winner: Hasitha, Sri Lanka gilles c, France

Win one of three Asus Z97-Pro Gamer motherboards

Win a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Winner: Andrew P, United Kingdom Lian P, United Kingdom David S, United Kingdom

Winner: Pierre C, France

Win a Thecus W2000 NAS

Win a PC Specialist Fusion Core gaming rig

Winner: Kevin G, United States

Winner: Singgih P, Indonesia

WD Giveaway: Week 5: Win a D-Link NAS

Win a Palit GeForce GTX 960 Super JetStream

Winner: jacob p., United Kingdom

Winner: Keith G., United Kingdom

WD Giveaway: Week 4: Win a Synology NAS

WD Giveaway: Week 3: Win a Drobo NAS

Winner: Alan T., United Kingdom

Winner: shehzad s., United Kingdom

WD Giveaway: Week 2: Win a Buffalo NAS

WD Giveaway: Week 1: Win a QNAP NAS

Winner: Lee R., United Kingdom

Winner: Chris H., United Kingdom

Win an Apple iPhone 6 with Tech21

Day 28: Win a HTC One M8

Winner: Mark b., United Kingdom Ivan S., Indonesia Rick M., South Africa Balázs J., Hungary Tanya F., United Kingdom Houriya B., Canada

Winner: Felipe I., United States

Win a Gigabyte gaming peripheral bundle

Day 27: Win a Misfit Shine

Winner: dave r., United Kingdom Kenneth T., United States

Winner: Tim M., Slovenia Wayne C., United Kingdom Micaela G., New Zealand Christian P., France beatrice s., United States

Day 26: Win a Samsung Note 4

Win a PlayStation 4 with HEXUS and Seagate

Winner: Nguyen K., Viet Nam

Winner: Sheila S., United Kingdom karen d., United Kingdom kevin d., United Kingdom Rouven H., Germany Tatiana L., Spain Grzegorz S., United Kingdom

Win a G-Sync gaming bundle with NVIDIA and Philips

Day 25: Win a Lego Mindstorms EV3

Winner: Phil H., United Kingdom jerome l., France

Winner: MICHAIL M., Greece

Day 24: Win a Moto G

Day 23: Win an iRobot Roomba 620

Winner: Bogdan P., Romania Kyle R., United Kingdom

Winner: Luca T., Italy

Day 22: Win a Nest Learning Thermostat

Day 21: Win a 13in Acer Chromebook

Winner: Viktor U., Russian Federation

Winner: Joosep J., Estonia

Day 20: Win a TomTom Runner GPS Watch

Day 19: Win a Corsair Vengeance K95

Winner: Aleksei E., Russian Federation

Winner: Arthur M., United Kingdom chevalier h., Belgium

Day 18: Win one of 2 QNAP TS-231

Day 17: Win a Samsung Gear Fit

Winner: david p., United Kingdom christine e., United Kingdom

Winner: Armandes E., France

Day 16: Win an Amazon Fire Phone

Day 15: Win a Raspberry Pi

Winner: CHINGAN R., Guadeloupe

Winner: Alison K., United Kingdom Paul B., United Kingdom Christopher C., United States Celia M., Ireland Leanne N., United Kingdom

Day 14: Win an Omate X Smartwatch

Day 13: Win a pair of Zepp 3D Swing Analysers

Winner: Geof P., United Kingdom

Winner: Dave S., United Kingdom JULIE W., United Kingdom

Day 12: Win a Samsung Galaxy S5

Day 11: Win a Synology DiskStation DS115j

Winner: Jesse T., United States

Winner: Will G., United Kingdom

Win one of two iiyama gaming monitors

Day 10: Win an August Smart Lock

Winner: Emma B., United Kingdom harry c., United Kingdom

Winner: Gavin G., Philippines

Win a be quiet! Silent Base 800 chassis

Day 9: Win an Nvidia Shield

Winner: Khotamov M., Tajikistan Damiano E., Italy patrick m., United Kingdom

Winner: Gail C., United Kingdom

Win a Moto 360 or Omate X smartwatch.

Win a Xigmatek PC hardware upgrade

Winner: Tony B., United Kingdom

Winner: Pat H., United Kingdom Michael M., United Kingdom Nedko G., Bulgaria

Day 8: Win a Sphero Ollie

Day 7: Win a Mad Catz M.O.J.O.

Winner: marini n., France andy w., United Kingdom HELENE B., France

Winner: Christopher M., United Kingdom

Day 6: Win a Google Nexus 9

Day 5: Win a WD My Cloud

Winner: Hal M., United States

Winner: Robin H., United Kingdom DAVID H., United Kingdom

Win a 256GB SK hynix SH910A SSD

Day 4: Win a Garmin vívofit Fitness Band

Winner: Alexandra D., United Kingdom Simona T., Croatia Reabetswe M., South Africa

Winner: Jamecia G., United States Sergey Y., Russian Federation

Day 3: Win a Samsung SSD 840 Evo

Day 2: Win a Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

Winner: Thiago V., Brazil Raf S., United Kingdom

Winner: Oláh Á., Hungary MONFORT c., France

Day 1: Win an Asus RT-AC68U Gigabit Router

Win one of 2 512GB Plextor M6 Pro SSD's

Winner: Helen B., United Kingdom

Winner: Jérôme C., Belgium Callum S., United Kingdom

Win a PNY SSD and PowerPack Combo

Win a Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming graphics card

Winner: Luxembourg o., France Samuel B., United Kingdom

Winner: Mads R., Denmark

Win one of five Func gaming bundles

Win a Zalman PC upgrade bundle

Winner: Banyat M., Thailand Barry L., Ireland Jonathan P., United States Bogdan P., Romania Daniel H., United Kingdom

Winner: Martin A., United Kingdom

Win one of three be-quiet! Straight Power 10 PSUs

Win an MSI GP60 gaming laptop

Winner: Martin O., United Kingdom Anthony C., United States Justin W., United States

Winner: Angélique C., France

Win one of five EVGA TORQ X10 gaming mice

Win an X99 Gaming Rig with Gigabyte and UKGC

Winner: Mat T., United Kingdom Lucie L., Canada ??????? ?., Russian Federation Charis A., Greece Alexander P., Ireland

Winner: Harry h., United Kingdom

Win a Philips Brilliance 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor

Win a liquid-cooled AMD FX-9370 CPU

Winner: William W., United Kingdom

Winner: Jacob B., United Kingdom

Win one of two Sapphire R9 285 graphics cards

Win a Xigmatek PC hardware upgrade

Winner: Vedran D., Croatia Florin M., United Kingdom

Winner: Phil M., United Kingdom Dan O., United Kingdom ALESSANDRO B., Italy MONTCHOVET N., France

Win an AMD R9 280 graphics card and an 850W PSU

Win a Scan 3XS X99 Carbon gaming rig worth £1,800

Winner: Ben w., United Kingdom Ben w., United Kingdom

Winner: Joe S., United Kingdom

Win PC hardware with SilverStone and HEXUS

Win a Corsair chassis and PSU bundle

Winner: Sean H., United Kingdom NICOLAE G., Romania Cosmin U., Romania Shaun B., United Kingdom iryna l., Greece

Winner: Liliane V., Belgium Karl G., New Zealand LAM T., Viet Nam

Win an epic MSI Gaming bundle

Win a Synology DS414j NAS server

Winner: Luigi R., Italy

Winner: Daniel C., United Kingdom

Win a Mionix PC gaming hardware bundle

Win a 27in Philips Brilliance LCD gaming monitor

Winner: Miroslav V., United States

Winner: John E., United Kingdom

Win one of two Samsung Gear Live smartwatches

Win an £800 Gaming System with Seagate and PC Specialist

Winner: Hoo S., Malaysia Pylypchuk O., Ukraine

Winner: Colin R., United Kingdom

Win one of two AMD A10 7700K APUs

Win a 32GB Schenker Element Windows 8.1 Tablet

Winner: Armin H., United Kingdom Don W., United Kingdom

Winner: Ruben R., Spain Chris T., United Kingdom

Win one of five PNY Mobility Kits

Win cooling goodies with Enermax!

Winner: Aniello A., Italy Rakesh K., India Ellen N., United Kingdom Margaret A., United Kingdom Will G., United States

Winner: Cassie S., United Kingdom Holly G., United States Greg L., Canada David G., United Kingdom

Win iiyama monitors for your home and workplace

Win a high-end Asus Z97 bundle

Winner: joshua l., United Kingdom

Winner: Matthew B., United Kingdom

Win one of two Plextor M6S SSDs

Win a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Tech21

Winner: Aimo W., Germany Dennis F., Canada

Winner: Jani S., Finland Beldion B., Philippines Vincent O., Switzerland Ersan G., Turkey Ian P., United Kingdom Jacko N., Netherlands Kenville I., Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Fabian M., United Kingdom Andreev R., Russian Federation Elloise B., United Kingdom

Win one of nine WD storage devices

Win one of two Samsung Galaxy NotePRO tablets

Winner: harmen e., Netherlands Corinna K., Germany andy f., United Kingdom Ross t., United Kingdom Mr B., United Kingdom JOSEPH P., United Kingdom Rachel B., United Kingdom Mats Y., Sweden Mohammed M., United Kingdom

Winner: Trevor A., United Kingdom Markus W., Germany

ASUS Competition Poseidon ROG GTX 780

Win one of two Samsung Chromebook 2 laptops

Winner: Steve M., United Kingdom

Winner: Jan L., Slovakia Stephen R., United Kingdom

Win an MSI A88X + A10-7850K + R9 270X bundle

Win a Corsair 250D and RM PSU bundle

Winner: Dusko S., Croatia

Winner: Lacey H., United States James l., United Kingdom Rafael V., Spain

Win an EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Superclocked ACX

Win a Palit GeForce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual

Winner: Sally F., United Kingdom

Winner: Chandler K., United Kingdom

Win a PC Specialist Vanquish Mini 130 SFF PC

Win one of three be quiet! Dark Rock coolers

Winner: Tom O., United Kingdom

Winner: Joshua M., United States Alan M., United Kingdom Konstantin S., Russian Federation

Win an ASUS ROG MARS 760 Dual GPU graphics card

Win a Corsair PC Upgrade Bundle, Chassis and PSU

Winner: Giuseppe U., Italy

Winner: Fabian L., Belgium Patrick B., Australia Royce W., Singapore

Win an EVGA Hadron Air Gaming Rig worth £1,770

Win a Gigabyte Radeon R9 290X graphics card

Winner: Gareth T., United Kingdom

Winner: Jordan M., United States

Day 18: Win a Fitbit Flex

Day 17: Win a Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Winner: Michail K., Greece David R., Spain Andrew O., United States Bruce T., Guyana Søren M., Denmark

Winner: shawn r., United States Marc-antoine g., Canada

Win a GeForce GTX 770 OC, 240GB SSD, plus more with PNY

Day 16: Win a Vido M8 Tablet

Winner: Daniel C., Ireland Chris D., United Kingdom Bryant B., United States Kurt A., United States

Winner: Michael C., Finland Svetlana L., Ukraine

Day 15: Win a Microsoft Surface 2

Day 14: Win a Nest Learning Thermostat

Winner: Pedro M., Portugal Theo O., Australia

Winner: Kelly K., United States Janice R., United States

Day 13: Win a HP Compaq 8 Tablet

Win one of three Cooler Master gaming bundles

Winner: Norbert V., Hungary Robert H., United States

Winner: ben D., United Kingdom Tanya D., United Kingdom Joseph C., Ireland

Win one of six Asus gaming headsets

Day 12: Win one of four Pebble Smartwatches

Winner: Peter R., United Kingdom DAVID W., United Kingdom Iain Q., United Kingdom Andrei I., United Kingdom Kevin S., United Kingdom Gillian D., United Kingdom

Winner: Juuso K., Finland Denis G., Russian Federation Kay A., Canada Keagan F., United States

Day 11: Win a Libratone Loop

Day 10: Win a Qualcomm Toq

Winner: Danny S., Netherlands

Winner: Jusuf C., Bosnia and Herzegovina Arsen H., Ireland

Day 9: Win a Garmin Forerunner 620

Day 8: Win one of four Nike+ FuelBand SE

Winner: Alief P., Indonesia Gideon C., Germany

Winner: Alejandro I., Venezuela Bogdan S., Serbia Avinash k., India Mohd S., Malaysia

Day 7: Win one of two Narrative Clip cameras

Day 6: Win one of 12 Google Chromecasts

Winner: Ivan P., Canada Vasilij Z., Russian Federation

Winner: Miguel S., Portugal ANDREW P., United Kingdom Phillip J., United Kingdom Adria M., Spain sophia b., United Kingdom DONALD S., United States John D., United States Mike S., United Kingdom nikki r., Canada Pap Z., Romania darko d., Serbia John S., United Kingdom

Day 5: Win an i’m Watch

Win one of three high-end Plextor SSD upgrades

Winner: Miguel R., Portugal dominique z., France

Winner: Mark C., United Kingdom Ed H., United Kingdom Vadim M., Russian Federation

Day 4: Win one of two GoPro HERO3s

Win a Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Micro-Console for Android

Winner: Nikola S., Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Janis S., Latvia

Winner: Benjamin S., Australia

Day 3: Win one of two Kindle Fire HDX tablets

Day 2: Win one of two LEGO Mindstorms EV3s

Winner: James P., Singapore Bienvenido J., Philippines

Winner: Mr D., United Kingdom Robert M., United States

Epic Giveaway Day 1: Win an NVIDIA Advent Vega Tegra Note 7

Win a SFF Gaming Rig with SCAN, NVIDIA and HEXUS

Winner: filip m., Romania

Winner: Trevor D., United Kingdom

Win a 29in UltraWide Philips Monitor

GLOBAL CONTEST: Win one of three Crucial M500 SSDs

Winner: Matti H., Finland

Winner: Mike D., Germany christian A., United Kingdom Giorgaras M., Greece

GLOBAL CONTEST: Win a Dino PC Fractal Dragon GTX 770 Gaming Rig worth £1,300

Win one of eight Seagate SSHD solutions

Winner: BRIAN A., Canada

Winner: Richard G., United Kingdom Stephen P., United Kingdom Raymond W., United Kingdom Andy O., United Kingdom Keith C., United Kingdom Elaine s., United Kingdom Ionut B., Romania Andrew R., United Kingdom Tobias N., United Kingdom

Win an AOC G2460PQU gaming monitor

Win a Palit GeForce GTX 770 OC

Winner: Scott S., United Kingdom

Winner: David S., United States

Win an NZXT PC Upgrade Bundle

Win one of ten be quiet! goodies

Winner: John W., United Kingdom

Winner: Richard H., Germany paul c., United Kingdom Brandon D., United States Nathan E., Belgium Bradley S., United States

Win one of three Enermax gaming bundles

Win a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760

Winner: Joseph W., United Kingdom Matthew J., United Kingdom Keith S., United Kingdom

Winner: First Prize: Tomas P, London Second Prize: Alistair R, Newcastle Third Prize: Teodor L, Bulgaria

Win a PC hardware upgrade with HEXUS and Xigmatek

Win one of three tasty ASUS routers

Winner: First prize: Tijmen E, Netherlands Second prize: Stephen H, Surrey Third prize: Mark R, London

Winner: First prize: Adam C, Hampshire Second prize: Azzer C, Huddersfield Third prize: Callum D, Eastlothian, Scotland

Win one of five Pebble smartwatches

Win one of four QNAP NAS boxes

Winner: Gabriele B, Genoa ITALY - Dennnis M, Illinois USA - Michael V, Denmark - James B, Northumberland - Sophie H, Newport

Winner: First prize: Kim H, Vale of Glamorgan Second prize: Matthew S, West Yorkshire Third prize: Jennifer S, USA - CA Fourth prize: Richard H, West Sussex

Win a Combat Creatures Attacknid! Stryder Edition

Win one of three iiyama monitors

Winner: - Brian L, Florida, USA - Romain P, France - John WM, Utah USA - Danton D, Victoria, Australia - Lee Y, Singapore - Adrian C, Ireland - Giorgio L, Colorado USA - Nathanael Ed, Arkansas, USA - William L, BRAAMFONTEIN, South Africa - Christian A, Guanajuato, México - Mike F, Suffolk - Ivan P,Ontario, Canada - George S, Kent - Brian P, Florida USA - Gloria McL, Illoinois, USA

Winner: 1st: Alan H, Ireland - 2nd: Hendrik H, Germany - 3rd: Bradley F, Birmingham

Win one of three Huawei Ascend P6 smartphones

Win a Zotac GeForce GTX Titan graphics card

Winner: 1st place: Daniel E, London UK - 2nd Place: Brandon D, USA - 3rd Place: Muhammad A, Indonesia

Winner: Ivashkevich V, Russian Federation

Win a Gigabyte U2442F Ultrabook

Global Contest: Win a Toshiba Excite Pro 10.1in Android Tablet

Winner: Pauline W, Fife, Scotland

Winner: Robert B Massachusetts, USA

Win an MSI GeForce GTX 760 Gaming Series graphics card

Win an ASUS motherboard and graphics card bundle

Winner: Daniel S, Barkshire

Winner: Christopher McG, Scotland

Win a Cyberpower Fangbook Evo HX7-100 gaming laptop

Win one of nine Seagate storage solutions

Winner: Daniel H, Derbyshire

Winner: 1. George W, Essex - 2. Cyril B, The Netherlands - 3. Kyle B, Bucks - 4. Stuart P, Midlothian - 5. Babkova O, Omsk, Russia - 6. Ariel A, Quezon City, Philippines - 7. Brett W, Ontario, USA - 8. Kieran R, Mansfield - 9. Jhonathan T A,Villavicencio, Colombia

Win a Palit GeForce GTX 760 JetStream graphics card

Win one of two In Win hardware bundles

Winner: Jeff B, New South Wales, Australia

Winner: 1st Prize: Chris H, Arizona USA - 2nd Prize: Bella S, Swindon

Win one of six G.Skill 16GB memory kits

Global Competition: Win an Intel Haswell gaming PC powered by Gigabyte and Corsair

Winner: 1 & 2: Jonathan S, Salisbury - Nickolas R, South Dakota, USA 3 & 4: John MacK, Inverness, - Gary G, Southampton 5 & 6: Mark W, Newport Ed L, Hampshire.

Winner: David A, London

Win a Thecus N5550 NAS with three WD Red hard disks

Global Competition: Win a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 770 AMP! Edition graphics card

Winner: Scott G, Essex

Winner: 1st Prize: Liz I, East Sussex 1st RU: Eric P, Germany 2nd RU: Kevin S, Victoria - Australia 3rd RU: Lee C, Notts

Win a Palit GeForce GTX 770 JetStream graphics card

Global Competition: Win an EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Superclocked graphics card

Winner: Michael H, Kent,

Winner: Larry A, WA, USA

Win one of two high-end ASUS routers

Global Competition: Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 with HEXUS and Tech21

Winner: 1st: Prakhar B, Manchester 2nd: Mark H, Moray

Winner: 1st: Becky G, Berkshire 2nd: Alex B, Uzbekistan 3rd: Wendy B, Hants 4th: Richard S, Birmingham 5th: Nguyen K, Vietnam 6th: Rodrigo M, Brazil.

Win a Mad Catz headset and mouse bundle

Win one of 13 prizes with PNY and HEXUS

Winner: 1st place: Reuben D, Suffolk 2nd Place: Andrew E, Worcestershire

Winner: - 1st Prize: Carlton G, Cornwall - - 2nd Prize: Nigel B, LONDON - - 3rd Prize: Mark P, Southport 10 x Runners Up: - Stephen H, Shropshire - Terina D, leicestershire - Ken T, Guildford - Will H, Hampshire - Ann C, Staffordshire - Callum N,Leicester - Adrian McN, N Ireland - Michael M, London - Peter C, Chelmsford - Rashad A, Essex

Win an In Win chassis or power supply

Win a Corsair Voyager Air 1TB Mobile Wireless Storage Hub

Winner: 1st Prize: Simon I, Manchester 2nd Prize: Andrea L, Wrexham

Winner: Luke P, Cheshire Ben B, London Bernardo I, Portugal

Win the amazing ASUS ROG ARES II

Win a Palit GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost OC

Winner: Michael S, Eire

Winner: John P, Texas

Win one of three Cooler Master accessory bundles

Win one of four WD upgrades

Winner: Richard B, Derbyshire Alex B, BEDS Joshua S, St Helens

Winner: 1st: Terry V, USA 2nd: Quentin B, France 3rd: Terry S, Liverpool 4th: Judith L, Cornwall

Win a high-end ASUS ROG upgrade

Win a gaming upgrade with Mad Catz and Sapphire

Winner: 1st prize: David C, Oxfordshire 2nd prize: Daniel P, Nottingham

Winner: 1st Place: David S, USA 2nd Place: Daniel S, Gwent,

Win tickets to Gadget Show Live 2013

Win two 1080p iiyama monitors

Winner: Veronica B, Smethwick

Winner: Cliff S, Cornwall

Win one of three Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme SSDs

Win Enermax power supplies and fans

Winner: - 1st Prize: David N, Halifax - 2nd Prize: Debbie C, USA - 3rd prize: Guy W, Staffordshire

Winner: 1st: Lutz W, Germany - 2nd: Adam N, Essex - 3rd: Lou O, Middlesex - 4th: Gidei D, Romania - 5th: Nathan W, Surrey - 6th: Aleksander E, Norway


Win PC hardware upgrades with HEXUS and Computer Planet

Winner: Dan P, Dorset

Winner: 1st Prize: William S, Warwickshire - 2nd Prize: Robert M, Manchester - 3rd Prize: Louis F, Bristol

Win one of five Func MS-3 Gaming Mice

Win a Corsair Obsidian Series 900D chassis

Winner: 1. Jonas P - Estonia 2. William S - Maryland USA 3. Chris W - Kent 4. Edward Y - West Midlands 5. Tim J - Slovenia

Winner: 1. Brendan Z, New York - 2. Robert F, Leeds

Win a Chillblast Fusion Asgard desktop PC

Win be quiet! PSUs and high-quality case fans

Winner: Adrian W, Sunderland

Winner: 1st & 2nd prize winners: Robert S, Sheffield Daniel G, Huddersfield - 3rd - 7th prize winners: Jade J, USA - Prakash A, Chennai, India Stephen DM, Ireland Simon H, South Africa Marco M, Italy

Win one of five Gigabyte gaming prizes

Win one of 10 TP-LINK Universal Wireless N Range Extenders

Winner: 1st: Pedro C, Portugal - 2nd: Honey Z, USA - 3rd: Emma H, Kent - 4th: Brittany G, Texas, USA - 5th: Steve K, London

Winner: 1: Paul H, Nottingham - 2: Dianne A, Wales - 3: Caroline S, Lancs - 4: Ian H, West Sussex - 5: Daniel R, Nottingham - 6: Julie C, Sheffield - 7: Andrew D, West Midlands - 8: Andrew H, Saltcoats - 9: Andrew F, Oxfordshire - 10: Taylor H, Southampton

Win one of three Mad Catz headset and mouse bundles

Win one of five Patriot Gauntlet Node wireless enclosures

Winner: White Coloured: Adam R, West Midlands Black Coloured: Peter H, Bedfordshire Red Coloured: Miss Emma G, Oxfordshire

Winner: - Suceveanu C, Romania - Lois L, North Lincolnshire - Roy P, Shropshire - Ole S, Norway - Richard B, Bristol

Win one of four Cooler Master prizes

Win one of two Microsoft Surface tablets

Winner: 1st Prize Susie O, Stirling 2nd Prize Mr Michael P, Surrey 3rd Prize Michael M, London 4th Prize MR SJ P, PRESTON

Winner: Eric H, Netherlands Ricky G, Argentina

Win one of three Antec bundles

Win one of three Gigabyte prizes

Winner: 1st Prize: Robert H, Cornwall 2nd prize: Christopher G, East Sussex 3rd prize: Fabio R, Italy

Winner: - 1st Place - Thomas E, Poland - 2nd Place, Kenneth F, bridgend - 3rd Place: May B, Londonderry

Win one of three premium AOC monitors

Win a five-bay Thecus N5550 NAS

Winner: 1st Prize: Neil H, Berkshire 2nd Prize: Adam R, Leeds 3rd Prize: Paul E, Cheshire

Winner: Ian T, KENT

Win a PowerColor HD 7990 Devil 13 graphics card

Win a Scan 3XS Slik bundle worth over £750

Winner: James H, Eastleigh

Winner: James L, Maldon

Win one of three Kingston HyperX 3K SSDs

Win an upgrade with Dino PC

Winner: 1st Christopher B, Manchester 2nd William McI, Lancashire 3rd Kevin R, USA

Winner: 1st Brian M, Essex 2nd Paul N, London 3rd Benjamin E, Derby

Win one of three Rosewill power supplies

Win one of five Huawei E3256 Premium dongles from Three

Winner: 1st prize - Chris B, Kansas 2nd Prize - Joseph L, New York 3rd Prize - Justin H, Texas

Winner: Peter S, Liverpool Timothy M, Shropshire Jackie D, Enfield Stephen R, London Kate N, Sheffield

Win one of 10 Enermax prizes

We're giving away a dozen Corsair Hydro Series CPU coolers!

Winner: 1st Cristian L, Romania 2nd - Damy W, Netherlands 3rd Daniaal C, London 4th Yeemen H, Kent 5th James D, Swindon 6th Marco B, Netherlands 7th Adham D, Plymouth 8th Hesham A, London 9th Mohammed A, London 10th Jacob L, Denmark

Winner: 1st. Vitaly L,Russia Wayne G, Herts Richard B, USA 2nd. Alexander T, USA Michael C, Derby Michael S, Wales 3rd. Kristijan R, CROATIA Alex T, USA Julian B, Watford 4th. Charles W, London James J, Scotland David A, Manchester,

Win Corsair Vengeance gaming gear

Win a WD My Passport and WD TV Live Bundle!

Winner: 1.Stephen D, Ohio/USA 2.David C, Berkshire 3.Nick D, Norfolk

Winner: 1. Richard L, Kent 2. Chris C, Birmingham

Win a chassis or power supply with HEXUS and NZXT

Win a Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 keyboard

Winner: 1st Prize:James C, TEXAS / USA 2nd Prize: Andrew T, London 3rd Prize: Sebastian W, Birmingham

Winner: 1st Prize: Kelly H, Kent 2nd Prize: Iain M, Poole 3rd Prize: Jason H, Grimsby

Win one of three CM Storm gaming bundles

Win one of five TP-Link wireless network bundles

Winner: 1.Stuart C, Belfast 2. Barrie B, Worcestershire 3. Rui M, PORTUGAL

Winner: 1. Harry J, Liverpool 2.Tom K, Brighton 3. Christopher W, West Sussex 4. Andrew J, Hampshire 5. Bo P, Leeds

Win one of five be quiet! prizes

Win an MSI GE60 gaming laptop

Winner: 1st prize: Shaun R, Derbyshire 2nd Prize: Ian Y, Lancashire 3rd Prize: Andrew M, Manchester 4th Prize: Robert U, Lancashire 5th Prize: Roman T, Romania

Winner: Julia Khanzhyna, Ukraine

Win one of two ASUS motherboards

Win a Dell Outlet Studio XPS L502x laptop

Winner: 1st Nicholas M, Westmidlands 2nd David Y, Caithness

Winner: Gary C, Scotland

Win one of two Arctic bundles

Win one of three bundles from Fractal Design

Winner: Bundle 1 winner: Andy F, Kent Bundle 2 winner: Surinder N, Canada

Winner: 1st David G, Durham 2nd Christian P, Texas 3rd Terry A, Texas

Win a Philips Simplicity with USB monitor

Win one of eight amazing Antec bundles

Winner: Matthew F, New York

Winner: 1st Matthew B, Canada 2nd Pablo G, California 3rd Shaun B, Amblecote 4th Lindsay B, Illinois 5th Andrew C, Stafford 6th Michael M, Gloucester 7th Omar M, Venezuela 8th Peter R, Newport

Win a complete gaming PC courtesy of HEXUS and Corsair

Win one of three incredible In Win prizes

Winner: Dennis T, Philippines

Winner: 1st Prize: David D, Cheshire 2nd Prize: James R, BRISTOL 3rd Prize: Steve P, W.Sussex

Win one of two Epic Gear goodie bags

Win a Philips Blade 2 AMVA monitor

Winner: 1st prize: Tom H, Norway 2nd prize: AHMED M-E, Saudi Arabia

Winner: Douglas S, Birmingham

Win one of five 240GB Corsair Neutron GTX SSDs

Win one of five EVGA GTX 660 Ti SuperClocked graphics cards

Winner: Greg P, Canada Jack G, Notts Emanuele C, Italy Ruth H, Kent Martin R, West Sussex

Winner: Andrew C, Leicester David B, Aberdeen Mark W, South Wales Beinta V, Denmark Adam H, Netherlands

Win one of 10 Patriot Intel Extreme Masters memory kits

Win a SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD

Winner: Richard G, Hereford Sara G, Cardiff Anthony D, Brighton Lloyd C, Essex Rose Manning, Ohio USA Todor B, Portugal Davor P, Serbia Johannes S, Germany Ted C, USA Joseph W, FL USA

Winner: Winner 1: Helen F, Berkshire Winner 2: Zak B, East Sussex

Win a copy of Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII

Win an Iiyama ProLite G2773HS Gaming Monitor

Winner: CE Winners - Adrian C, Cheshire David H, Donc Kay S, Birm Melanie C, Cheshire SE Winners: Kris B, Derby Joe C, Oxford Rosco W, London John V, Ips Karthik K, London Philip H, Dorset

Winner: Ken H, Wiltshire

Win Gold, Silver or Bronze with XFX and HEXUS

Win one of four amazing Cooler Master prizes

Winner: 1st, Geoff L, Angus 2nd, Joseph W, Barnsley 3rd, Mark H, Warwickshire

Winner: 1st, David H, Cornwall 2nd, Mark C, Dorset 3rd, Jasper S, The Netherlands 4th, Stefan B, Germany

Win a Philips LightFrame 2 monitor

Win one of four Silver Power PSUs

Winner: Jamie D, Devon

Winner: Peter W, Pembrokeshire Elango T, Surrey Kieran W, Essex Nathan R, Lincolnshire

Win one of five Corsair AX1200i PSUs

Win a Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 TOXIC (XT2)

Winner: Sebastiano M, Italy Adam L, Carephilly Anseeuw O, Belgium Louis D, Hanover James M, Derbyshire

Winner: Ian K, Cambridge

Win one of 10 Plantronics Voyager PRO UC headsets

Win a QNAP TS-469 Pro NAS

Winner: Venessa R, Glamorgan Zoe G, Stoke on Trent John F, County Durham Mike S, Edinburgh Jeff M, West Dunbartonshire Gary M, Lancashire Karen Waddy, Colchester Rupert H, Surrey Raymond J, Newcastle

Winner: Adam G, Tetbury

Win one of five Corsair Dominator Platinum memory kits

Win one of 10 XFX Warpad Mouse Pads and ROCCAT Gaming Gear!

Winner: Gavin C, East Sussex Nils E, USA Thomas H, Hampshire Marcel T, Holland Christopher N, Basingstoke

Winner: James M, Nottingham Celia W, Dorset Oliver B, South Shields Ian M, Somerset Robert B, Hampshire Timothy D, Kent Tim D, East Ayrshire Alexander P, Ireland Antonia R, Kent Maria R, Glasgow.

Win an AMD APU-powered Zoostorm Desktop PC

Win a Thermaltake chassis, CPU cooler or power supply!

Winner: Adam G, Gloucester Steven S, Grimsby

Winner: Simon H, Berkshire Joshua C, Lancashire Christopher C, Cheshire

Win one of two WD My Passport Studio portable hard drives

Win a Corsair wireless headset, case, and fans worth £280!

Winner: Martin A, Leeds James N, Middlesex

Winner: Robert B, Aberdeenshire Alistair S, Cleethorpes Brian C, Warwickshire George D, Devon

Win TERA, the MMORPG hit PC game

Win a KFA2 GeForce GTX 670!

Winner: Rachel B, North Lincs Peter T, Derby Raymond S, London Guilherme A, Portugal Sara B, Italy Justine H, Bristol

Winner: Chris R, Twickenham

Win a Dell XPS 15 laptop!

Win a Gigabyte Z77 motherboard and Intel Core i5-3570K processor

Winner: Keith B, Pembrokeshire

Winner: Jonathan S, Devon

Win an NZXT bundle worth £400!

Win a Chillblast Fusion Bladerunner Media PC

Winner: Iheb Y, Germany

Winner: William M, Lancashire

Win a 24in Iiyama ProLite multi-touch monitor

Win an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics card

Winner: Jack v, London

Winner: Peter W, Hampshire

Win one of five Corsair chassis and power supply bundles

Win an Arctic Freezer i30 CPU cooler

Winner: Andrea C, Nottingham David D, Staffordshire Stephen W, Hutton Daryl C, Rochester Christopher C, Gateshead

Winner: Joanne K, Derby

Win a Sapphire Radeon HD 7000 series graphics card

Win a complete Corsair PC Makeover Kit

Winner: James A, Isle of Wight Russell C, Netherlands

Winner: Mark L, Bristol

Win one of three Enermax power supplies

XFX graphics card and PSU up for grabs

Winner: Graeme L, Cheshire Ben S, Gloucester Jeremy K, Cornwall

Winner: Andrew M, Lancashire

Win a SilverStone PS07 chassis!

Winner: Neil L, Huddersfield