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HEXUS Competitions - How do they work?

HEXUS is proud to offer the best tech-related competitions on the web. To date, HEXUS, in partnership with manufacturers, has given away over 250 prizes worth in excess of £200,000!

HEXUS believes in transparency for the competition process, so, if you were wondering, this is how the overall competition mechanism works:

Everyone is treated equally meaning that you have the same chance as everyone else at scooping a prize. The only obvious caveat is when a competition, by the manufacturer’s choice, is limited to a certain geographical area – Europe-only, for example.

However, if you deliberately break the rules by entering more times than the permissible amount, you will be removed from the accepted entries list and may be restricted from entering in the future; HEXUS monitors all competitions closely.

With that out of the way, here is how the actual competition process operates:

• You lodge an entry via the form on the related competition page on HEXUS, or via Facebook, if available, or both if the competition allows two entries. The maximum number of entries for any competition is therefore two (2).

• HEXUS collects all the entries in a secure database.

• Once the competition has run its course and finished, HEXUS cleans the data. This means removing duplicates, incorrect entries, out-of-geographical entries, and so forth. The final qualifying number of entries is then put into a new virtual pot.

• HEXUS picks the winner(s) randomly by using a random-generator script. This is truly random and has no bias. There are more winners from Europe because more people enter from that region.

• Should you be a lucky winner, you are emailed on your supplied address and requested to fill in a special form with your personal and delivery details.

• Once completed, the form notifies the relevant HEXUS personnel who then contact the prize(s) manufacturer and request the prize be shipped directly to you; HEXUS does not, in the main, act as an intermediary shipper.

• If you don’t respond within a reasonable period to the competition-winning email, HEXUS contacts you a further three times within a seven-day period. Should you not respond within this timeframe, your entry is classed as void and another one drawn via the random-generator script.

• All going well, prizes are with their respective winners within 45 days of the competition closing, often times much sooner. However, as a certified winner, should you not receive a winning prize within that period, please contact HEXUS - http://hexus.net/contact - and we will do all we can to make sure the prize is with you as soon as possible.

• HEXUS publishes truncated names on the competition page, so if you don’t receive a winner’s email and see your name on this page then you haven’t won, sadly, though please do keep trying – you never know when your luck will be in.

• Please note that the truncated names, displayed this way for personal-identity reasons, may appear to match yours – David P., UK, for example – but there is obviously more than one person with the same forename and surname initial. Winners, in every instance, will have the relevant winning email sent to them within days of the competition closing.

• As much as we would like to give out prizes to all of our readers, emails begging for prizes don’t help. The only way to win is to enter.

Last of all, good luck!