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Intel Developer Forum Fall 2006, San Francisco, USA

  • HEXUS - IDF 2006 :: Interview with Patrick P. Gelsinger - Intel 'Legend' and 'über geek'

    HEXUS - IDF 2006 :: Interview with Patrick P. Gelsinger - Intel 'Legend' and 'über geek'

    30 November 2006, 18:47

    An exclusive interview with Pat Gelsinger, self-confessed über-geek and Intel legend... and guess what? If he wasn't at Intel, he'd be a farmer!

  • Digital homes necessitate better backups and metadata

    29 September 2006, 17:41

    In Brendan Traw's technology insight presentation, he hit on the need for easy backups and metadata, but didn't really tell us how Intel was going to help.

  • Bringing corporate management technology into the home

    29 September 2006, 15:15

    Intel's Active Management Technology could be making its way into the home, it was revealed at IDF on Thursday.

  • HomePlug AV demoed

    29 September 2006, 12:04

    HomePlug networking solutions provider Intellon was showing off its HomePlug AV home networking solutions, compared against older and slower non-HomePlug technology.

  • More IDE flash

    29 September 2006, 11:42

    Having a nosy around Super Talent's stand at IDF, we ran into a 4GiB flash drive with integrated IDE controller.

  • A mighty sharp blade

    29 September 2006, 11:28

    Now here's a blade server that wouldn't look out of place in Kill Bill...

  • New battery saving tricks and UMPC uses

    29 September 2006, 10:43

    We continue our coverage of Dadi Perlmutter's IDF keynote with a look at the battery saving technologies he discussed, along with a brief look at a couple of UMPCs.

  • IDF :: Just what will Quad core mean for gaming?

    29 September 2006, 09:36

    Developers Remedy demo Alan Wake on an Intel Quad core system.

  • Review: Quad core Kentsfield benchmarked

    28 September 2006, 19:59

    We've shown you pictures and given you the release date, but just how fast is Intel's Kentsfield processor? We've had the chance to take the quad core chip for ...

  • Intel's Perlmutter on mobile vPro and wireless progress

    28 September 2006, 17:26

    During Dadi Perlmutter's keynote address at IDF, the Senior VP and GM of Intel's Mobility Group spoke of vPro technology on notebooks and the progress being made with WiFi and ...

  • Intel introduces new XScale based storage processors

    28 September 2006, 12:55

    Despite the deal to sell its XScale business on to Marvell, Intel has announced a new family of IOP storage processors based on the XScale.

  • New Robson boosted Centrino coming Q1 2007

    28 September 2006, 12:06

    Early 2007 will see the launch of yet another Centrino platform, code named Santa Rosa. The new generation Centrino will be based on Intel's Crestline chipset and feature 802.11n WiFi ...

  • Pat Gelsinger's keynote speech in brief

    28 September 2006, 11:40

    Senior VP and GM of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group, Pat Gelsinger, delivered a keynote speech on Wednesday morning look at Core 2 and its impact on the server market. He ...

  • Quad core QX6700 pictured

    27 September 2006, 18:08

    Wanna a see what a quad core Core 2 Extreme CPU looks like? Come on then...

  • Wireless USB certification program launches

    27 September 2006, 12:36

    This week at IDF it was announced that the USB Implementers Forum has launched its certification and compliance program for wireless USB products.

  • Rattner's Mega-center

    27 September 2006, 12:22

    Intel CTO Justin Rattner's gone mad for mega-centers. In Rattner's mega-center, he envisages several shifts. From installed services to streamed services, from local storage to distributed storage, from individual management ...

  • HomePlug's speeding up, scope is broadening

    27 September 2006, 11:16

    How would you network your home? Ethernet? WiFi? Something else? HomePlug's not everyone's first choice for home networking, but in some scenarios it's favourable. If radio interference is a problem, ...

  • Intel: Design a sexy system and we'll give you $1mil

    27 September 2006, 10:51

    Intel wants to sex up the PC to make it as desirable as it is functional. In an attempt to encourage the design of swish new systems, Intel's offering up ...

  • Intel slaps Viiv badge on set-top box

    27 September 2006, 10:33

    One of the focuses of Intel CEO Paul Otellini's keynote on Tuesday was the home and consumer market. So where do we stand with PCs in the living room? Will ...

  • IDF Day One: CEO Paul Otellini keynote

    26 September 2006, 22:01

    Over the last year Intel's delivered stonking new CPUs, as it promised. Not only that, but it's helped Apple double its notebook market share. In fact, Apple's moved completely onto ...

  • Standards, rights protection and technical policy

    26 September 2006, 20:16

    Some copyright enforcement methods are a threat to innovation. "Legislature should focus on unacceptable uses of technology", read's Wennblom's slideshow, while it "should not define technology requirements."

  • Intel's Quad Core plans

    26 September 2006, 17:10

    Intel are going to launch Kentsfield in the following timeframes.

  • IDF Day Zero: Alan Crouch's wireless world

    26 September 2006, 16:45

    The greatest benefits of wireless communication are ease of use and availability, something we all enjoy with mobile phones. But as our demands on wireless communication grow, failings appear.

  • IDF Day Zero: Tera-scale computing

    26 September 2006, 15:39

    Lasers, people. Lasers.

  • IDF Day Zero: Intel's Corporate Technology Group

    26 September 2006, 14:17

    Day Zero of the Intel Developer Forum - the warm up day, if you will - kicked off Monday with Abel Weinrib giving a presentation on the Corporate Technology Group, ...

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition supports Quad Core

    26 September 2006, 13:30

    One of the key differences between XP Home Edition and XP Pro was that XP home wouldn't have scalable processor support - of course at the time this wasn't a ...