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Intel introduces new XScale based storage processors

by Steve Kerrison on 28 September 2006, 12:55

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Despite the deal to sell its XScale business on to Marvell, Intel has announced a new family of IOP storage processors based on the XScale.

XScale is Intel's 5th generation ARM architecture implementation and has been used in various areas such as network processing (IXP), application processing (PXA) and storage processing (IOP). On Wednesday Intel added to its IOP line-up with the IOP34x family.

The new chips are designed to provide storage processing for RAID 5 and 6 arrays. They contain SAS and SATA I/O controllers. The product line contains a dual-core IOP processor too, the IOP342, designed for high performance when running two independent applications.

Also, Intel's IOP34x processors have been designed to work with the Emulex IOP 504 I/O processor, which provides Emulex Fibre Channel as an interface method.

In late June, Intel announced that it would be flogging XScale to Marvell for an estimated $600mil. That deal should complete before the end of the year, so does that mean this product launch be the last of the ARMs from Intel?

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