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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition supports Quad Core

by Steve Kerrison on 26 September 2006, 13:30

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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One of the key differences between XP Home Edition and XP Pro was that XP home wouldn't have scalable processor support - of course at the time this wasn't a concern, but now with us being on the dawn of Quad core this may well raise a question.

"Scalable processor support – up to two-way multi-processor support."

Intel today confirmed that XP Home would support their upcoming Quad Core Part - Kentsfield.

More on this as we get it, and without doubt it would be nice to see some Quad Core numbers, right? Let us know your take in the

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XP supports as many cores as you can find. Just only one socket. IIRC
Nope - XP Home was supposed to support Dual CPUs - nothing more - XP Pro gives the edge.

However, Microsofts software stack accepts this.
Incorrect; XP Home is limited to single CPU support. XP Pro supports two processors. Microsoft, however made the decision that CPU support was by socket, not by core, something that extends across their product line from XP Home through Windows Server 2003 to SQL Server etc.
I thought it was by number of sockets. not been lucky/rich enough to play with multiple processors in a long time though :(
Just as they decided that the 800 series was just ‘one CPU’ I'm sure they'll do the same for kentsfield. The aim after all is to say that they produce the most powerful CPU ;)