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IDF :: Just what will Quad core mean for gaming?

by Nick Haywood on 29 September 2006, 09:36

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Alan Wake demoed on a Quad core system... and it's amazing!

To be honest there’s not much we can say other than get you to watch this video of the Remedy guys (the developers behind Max Payne) demoing Alan Wake on an Intel Quad core system..

Oh, and the tornado at the end of the clip is well worth the wait… trust me.

Kinda makes you wonder if that PhysX card might not be a tad redundant now?

Your thoughts will be welcomed in the Forum.

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does look good.

the only thing stopping me from ordering an AM2 3800+ on a 590SLI board over a 6600 is the uncertainty over whether i would be able to swap it out in favour of a K8L in a years time.
OK, for once the hype appears justified - I'd have to agree that PhysX is probably toast as soon as quad core becomes more widespread. As the developer said, they can just throw a whole core at the physics; who needs a card?
Ow, my jaw just hit the desk… that looked extremely impressive.
Man thats purdy. Even on that monster system I saw I littlkebit of shearing at one point :P

Better start saving I guess :(
I have to say that I think the PhysX card is an independent form was toast before it made it out of the creator's head. But it might still have potential as an extra chip on a graphics card or a motherboard or something like that.