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HEXUS Week In Review: Qnap TS-451D2 and Quake Remastered

by Parm Mann on 3 September 2021, 16:01

Tags: Qnap, Fractal Design, Iiyama, be-quiet

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Qnap TS-451D2

Working from home with the occasional trip to the office has become common practise for a growing number of people, and balancing between the two ...

Quake Remastered (PC)

I remember enjoying Quake when I originally played it, which was a couple of years after its release. But having tried to replay it several ...

The Forgotten City (PC)

Time-loop games are a growing sub-genre. Games like the Outer Wilds, The Sexy Brutale and 12 Minutes all play with the concept of exploring a ...

Fractal Design Lumen S28 RGB

Fractal Design is doing good things in the chassis arena, and its power supplies tick a lot of the right boxes, but when it comes ...

Our iiyama Kick Ass Curved Giveaway is already underway - click here if you've yet to enter - but just because we can, we're giving ...

Competition closing date: 20 September 2021, 09:00

HEXUS has partnered with German PC hardware specialist be quiet! to give you the chance to win a high-quality upgrade bundle. Ideal for sprucing up ...

Competition closing date: 13 September 2021, 09:00

In partnership with the fine folk at iiyama, we're giving all our UK readers the opportunity to bag a curved gaming monitor! Today's goodie bag ...

Competition closing date: 6 September 2021, 09:00

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The criticism of the QNAP TS-453 D2 for not having 2.5GBe ethernet or a PCIe expansion slot is a smidge unfair. If you want those, get the 453D …. at about £90 more (and with a slightly better CPU). The point of the 453 D2, surely, is for those that don't want or need those, and want to keep the cost down a bit.