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Review: HEXUS PSU (Power Supply Unit) Roundup - Taoyuan 2005

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 23 September 2005, 00:00

Tags: Aopen, Enermax (8093.TWO), Zalman (090120.KQ), Akasa, Thermaltake (3540.TWO), OCZ (NASDAQ:OCZ), Tagan, SilverstoneTek, FSP Group (TPE:3015), Hiper, ETASIS

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Silentmaxx IC Tech 580W & OCZ OCZ600ADJ EU

Silentmaxx IC Tech 580W

Retail Name (if known)Silentmaxx IC Tech 580W
Rated Output Power580W
Power SwitchYes
Input Voltage110-240V, 50-60Hz
Fan(s)2 x 80mm
Cable runs24-pin EATX
8-pin EPS
3 x 4-pin Molex, 1 floppy
1 case fan, 1 floppy
1 case fan, 1 floppy
Max currents+3.3V = 32A
+12V = 21A
+5V = 45A
Combined power for +3.3V and +5V300W
Passed certification checksYes (CE, China, EU LVD and EMC)

Silentmaxx, a German company, sell their IC Tech range into the UK via QuietPC. During bringup testing at around 350W, the voltage reading for +12V was all over the place before settling down, the first hint that something wasn't quite right. At the 400.5W intermediate step it started pulling ever increasing output power from the 6842A before popping at 805W input and 49.75% efficiency with a bright flash and a bang. While 350W of output power is plenty, there are actual 350W supplies on the market for much less money that'll give you all 350W for sustained periods. 21A on +12V is measly for a such high rated output supply these days. Very poor.

Recommended system: None.


Retail Name (if known)OCZ PowerStream 600W
Rated Output Power600W
SpecificationATX 2.0
Power SwitchYes
Input Voltage220-240V, 50Hz
Fan(s)2 x 80mm
Cable runs24-pin EATX with split
P4 and P4+
2 x SATA
3 x 4-pin Molex, 1 floppy
2 x 4-pin Molex, 1 floppy
VGA or HDD dedicated
VGA or HDD dedicated
Max currents+3.3V = 28A
+12V = 18A + 20A
+5V = 46A
Combined power for +3.3V and +5V230W
Passed certification checksYes (CE, Taiwan, passing EMC Directive. UL, USA, unknown)

The first of the 600W or more supplies, OCZ's PowerStream 600W was a pleasure to test. With plenty of connectivity options, very generous +12V current draw, decent efficiency and good looks, it was one of the more impressive supplies to be tested over the 5 days in Taiwan. The final 602.02W configuration settled on for the half hour load was a piece of cake for it to provide, it didn't get too hot and the average reading for +12V over the half-hour was +12.00V! +5V barely moved either.

Really good stuff from the Tagan-licensed design with the only wrinkle being a fairly high idle power of 11.5W (puzzling, since +5vsb load at idle was 1A). OCZ's PSUs seem like units you can absolutely rely on to do what they say on the box. An attractive coating, green detailing from the all-braided cable runs and a bank of LED voltage indicators round off a fine package.

Recommended system: Mid-range to high-end desktop systems based around P4 (including high-speed Prescott), AMD Athlon Socket A and AMD Athlon 64 and Sempron on Socket 754 and Socket 939.