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Apple denies smokers' warranties

by Sylvie Barak on 24 November 2009, 08:27

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Smoke and mirrors

Apple reckons nicotine is on the US' Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) list of hazardous and toxic substances and will therefore not make its employees work on anything which could adversely affect their health.

This will, of course, come as something of a surprise to Greenpeace which writes on its website "why do Macs, iPods, iBooks and the rest of [Apple's] product range contain hazardous substances that other companies have abandoned? A cutting edge company shouldn't be cutting lives short by exposing children in China and India to dangerous chemicals."

So, a keyboard smudged by nicotine stained fingers is toxic, but factory workers abroad choking on the fumes of toxic plastic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is OK? Can you say double standards, Apple? [Note: Apple did announce it would be phasing out its toxic plastic components by the end of 2009].

Also, Apple makes no mention of its anti-smoking stance when people buy its products, nor is it mentioned in the terms and conditions of the APP so, in principle, customers who have had their warranties voided could sue the firm for breaching its warranty contract.

Ehem, Apple. Or should we say; *cough, cough*.


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Since when is breathing non-existent smoke ‘second hand smoking’?

It's amazing the crap US companies get away with.
Surely they're going to be sued over this? No matter your stance on smoking (fag-free for 6 years now :)), this is completely ridiculous.
Nicotine is harmless in the minute quantities that'll be within a smoker's laptop. It IS addictive but you'd have to LICK a LOT of lappies to get anywhere and I think you'd have more to worry about than nicotine addiction if you did do that.

There's a load of voodoo mumbo jumbo about nicotine on the web, claiming it to be one of the most violent poisons known to man, kills in minutes etc etc…

All true, but in MASSIVE doses, but good lord, water is poisonous if taken in large enough quantities… and alcohol is a bigger and more easily obtainable in lethal dose killer.

So does that mean Apple won't service a laptop that has had a glass of wine spilt on it?

But let's just accept that Apple has the rule in force to protect its employees. So can I take it that NOT ONE Apple employee smokes?

I certainly hope so, after all, if we can contaminate them, they can contaminate me.

Just as me smoking makes my laptop unserviceable for Apple, an Apple technician working on my laptop after he has had a smoke has now rendered it unusable for me.

Obviously the safest option for me is to assume that the technician smokes and to demand a new laptop rather than a repair until Apple can conclusively prove that a smoker at not time touched my laptop.

Seems fair, no?
I think someone needs to slap Apple with the common sense bat.
I agree with apple here.

It's not the nicotine that's the problem. Its all the tar. As an ex smoker, I agree that smoking kills off electrical equipment.