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Shut your PC up with Be Quiet and Revoltec

by Nick Haywood on 21 March 2006, 13:30

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Hush up, now...

HEXUS.CEBIT While having an uber-powerful PC is all well and good, what's not so good is if the thing sounds like vacuum cleaner when its running. That's why Revoltec and Be Quiet are pushing their range of system components designed to make your fun box a quieter box…

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The Be Quiet Dark Power Pro PSU features a 120 mm Silent Wing PSU fan as well as two separate 12V lines to ensure the independent power supply of the CPU according to ATX12V 2.2. For the use of PCI Express or ATI CrossFire graphics cards, two six-pin VGA connectors are included, as well as a P8 connection for dual server mainboards.

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The Dark Power Pro PSU comes in 430W, 530W and 600W variations and features modular cabling, letting you hook up just what you need. GFRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) is being used as the basic material for the new PCB of the Dark Power PSUs and its claimed this gives greater mechanical stability while reducing torsion characteristics. The thermo controller function regulates the rpm of the installed fans in relation to the temperature measured in the PSU. Two PSU fans and up to three connected case fans can be regulated automatically. The Dark Power Pro series has just recently been awarded SLI certification by NVIDIA, too

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