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Be Quiet! launches Straight Power PSUs

by Steve Kerrison on 1 August 2006, 14:19

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Be Quiet! has added to its Dark Power and Dark Power Pro series of PSUs with a new range under the name of Straight Power.

Indeed, DC power could be considered 'straight', compared to the much bendier AC mains, which the new PSUs accept in the range of 110-240V. The PSUs, which range from 350W up to 700W models, feature a 120mm fan for quiet and effective cooling.

According to Be Quiet!, the Straight Power series of PSUs are "designed for users who are looking for latest technology, excellent quality and reliable performance," with an "extraordinary price-performance ratio".

Dual 12V rails are present on models up to 500W, with quad rails in 550W and above, to keep the load on each rail within the ATX spec. Recommended prices start at €47.40 for the 350W model, with the 700W model set to cost around €107.70, say Be Quiet!. That would make the top model a competitively priced unit, providing it's reliable.

The PSUs will be available throughout Europe mid-August, apart from Austria and Germany, where the PSUs will surface mid-September.

Straight Power

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Let me be the first to make a Gay Power joke. Thanks.
Gay or AC/DC? :mrgreen:
Let me be the first to make a Gay Power joke. Thanks.
See I went for ‘bendier AC’ trying to nullify the gay jokes with a savoury alternative. Oh well.
sure is purdy
but again i have to ask… just how quiet is it vs seasonic s12?
I wouldn't trust it until I've seen some reviews, and talked to some people that own it!

And what is going on with the Samsung ad on that page? :p