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Dark Power Pro gets ATI CrossFire Certification

by Steve Kerrison on 7 July 2006, 09:08

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Dark enough and powerful enough to deal with a CrossFire rig.

We showed you Be Quiet's Dark Power Pro PSUs at CeBIT. They're modular jobbies with 12cm fans designed to be quiet, powerful and with their modular cabling, tidy. At the time we also mentioned that they'd obtained SLI certification.

It's fitting then that we've learned the Dark Power Pro PSUs have now also obtained CrossFire Certification from ATI. All three models, the 430 watt, 530 watt and 600 watt PSUs, are on ATI's 'certified' list for those looking to build their own CrossFire-based system. Mosey on over to the PSU section of the certification list and you'll see the Be Quiet PSUs listed as good choices for anything up to the X1800 range.

It seems quite a beast of a PSU is required to get certified for the Radeon X1900 series, with most (but not all) of the PSUs on that list rated upwards of 700 watts. Regardless, congrats to Be Quiet for proving their PSUs worthy with yet another manufacturer.

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