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Albatron’s “Tee PC” is all that you need with not an inch to spare!

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Technology is gearing up to roll out its first Mini Tablet PC, dubbed the “Tee PC”, whose prototype was first shown at Computex 2008 (June).  Since then, this diminutive Tablet PC has been polished up, packaged and is ready for the market.

Unpack n’ Play
The “Tee PC” comes ready-to- use straight out of the box with all the hardware and software you need, including a docking station, power adapter and a touch pen.  The Windows CE 6.0 operating system is pre-installed with WordPad, MediaPlayer and Internet Explorer.  The “Touch” screen and touch pen take care of navigating the Windows interface.  A software-based keyboard is provided for data input but a standard USB keyboard can also be attached.  The Tee PC can be operated stand-alone using its internal battery or can be attached to a docking station.

Connect anytime and carry anywhere!
With expanding metropolitan network access and Tee PC’s Wireless or Blue Tooth facilities, you virtually have anytime/anywhere web browsing,  email and other network conveniences.   The 18.8x11.3x 1.3 cm dimensions and 343 grams  give you an idea of how slim and portable the Tee PC really is.

Multimedia to go!  Ready Camera … and Action!
A swivel camera is located on the frame of the touch screen and can be used for such things as visual chatting.  Speakers are located in the docking station or you can attach external speakers or earphones to the jacks located on the tablet. The “Tee PC” also comes with two USB 2.0 connectors for the rest of your gadgets.  The graphics facilities in this product can decode H.264, MPEG4 and VGA at 30 fps.

CPU, Memory and Storage
The CPU used with the Tee PC is a 400 MHz ARM926. The Tee PC comes with 128 MB of Nand flash memory as well as 128MB of SO-DIMM DDR memory.  An SD Card expansion slot is also located on the tablet for removable mass storage.

Rest of the specs
CPU: ARM926, 400MHz
Screen 7”W, 800x480 w/TP
Memory: SO-DIMM DDR 128MB
Storage NAND flash 128MB
Video codec, VGA@30fps
WiFi and Blue Tooth support
Battery: 10.8Whr
Adapter: 5V, 2.5A
Dimensions 18.8x11.3x1.29 cm
Weight: 343g
OS: Win CE6.0
Swivel Camera 0.3/1.3M