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    27 September 2005, 10:18


  • EP-9NDA+ Unveil AMD 939-based Motherboard

    27 September 2005, 10:18

    EP-9NDA+ Unveil AMD 939-based Motherboard

  • EPoX @ Computex Taipei -- Innovation, Profession & Creativity Through Great Experience

    27 September 2005, 10:18

    EPoX @ Computex Taipei -- Innovation, Profession & Creativity Through Great Experience

  • EPoX Releases Its Evolutionary nVIDIA nForce2 Mainboard: EP-8RDA3+

    27 September 2005, 10:18

    EPoX Releases Its Evolutionary nVIDIA nForce2 Mainboard: EP-8RDA3+

  • EPoX’s first NVIDIA nForce2 IGP/MCP-T motherboard -EP- 8RGA+

    27 September 2005, 10:18

    EPoX’s first NVIDIA nForce2 IGP/MCP-T motherboard -EP- 8RGA+

  • Review: EPoX EP-9NPA+ SLI Motherboard

    26 June 2005, 00:00

    Priced at around £105, the 9NPA+ SLI matches other manufacturers\' similarly priced efforts in both features and performance, making it worthy of consideration if you want a fast, stable board ...

  • Review: EPoX EP-5LWA + i925XE Mainboard

    11 April 2005, 00:00

    The most important decision a potential i925XE purchaser needs to make is whether they really need third-party SATA/PATA RAID and wireless networking integrated into a motherboard. If you do, look ...

  • Review: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Winchester)

    6 December 2004, 00:00

    A 600MHz overclock is typical of current Athlon 64 Winchester 3000+s, and I see very little reason why you can't at least replicate what's been achieved in this review. Remember, ...

  • Review: EPoX 9NDA3 S939 nForce3 Ultra

    1 December 2004, 00:00

    EPoX has manufactured a solid nForce3 Ultra motherboard with the 9NDA3+. The problem that currently exists in Socket-939 land is that nearly everyone else can produce a solid, stable, and ...

  • Review: EPoX 8KDA3+ nForce3 250Gb

    6 May 2004, 00:00

    The NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb is a step forward for Socket-754, albeit one that's taken six months to arrive. Fortunately EPoX has done a decent job with the 8KDA3+. The lack ...

  • Review: EPoX eX5-300S Mini Me SFF System

    8 February 2004, 00:00

    There's enough here to make the eX5-300S Mini Me SFF system sell on pure merit. We can just see enthusiasts using the highly overclockable Northwood Pentium 4 200MHz CPUs and ...

  • Review: EPoX EP-4PLAI

    30 December 2003, 00:00

    It's a very bare package and it feels like unless you're on a really tight budget, you'd get much better value for a little more investment higher up the P4 ...

  • Review: EPoX 8RDA3G nForce2 Ultra 400

    18 September 2003, 00:00

    Excepting a couple of idiosyncratic features exhibited by the sample board (FSB fluctuation in Windows and under-volting), the 8RDA3G is an decent introduction into NVIDIA nForce2 power. If your budget ...

  • Review: EpoX 4PDA2+ i865PE Springdale

    3 July 2003, 00:00

    This 4PDA2+ sample was a prodigious FSB overclocker, a features champion and a paradigm of stability. As long as EPoX launch a BIOS that corrects the Vcore failings found on ...

  • Review: VIA KT600 / EPoX 8KRA2

    26 June 2003, 00:00

    The VIA KT600 chipset is a step in the right direction. VIA needed to match NVIDIA on pure specification before they took them on from a performance viewpoint. The 'upgrade' ...

  • Review: EPoX EP-8RDA3+ nForce2 Ultra 400

    20 May 2003, 00:00

    The 8RDA3+ is still an excellent foundation on which to build an AMD powerhouse of a system. Its considerable merits outweigh the slight qualms we may have. It's fast, it's ...

  • Review: 3-way Canterwood comparison

    14 May 2003, 00:00

    What\'ll sell each respective board is brand loyalty, features and price. At the outset we alluded to the difficulty in manufacturing a \'bad\' Canterwood. With a wealth of features and ...

  • Review: EPoX EP-8RGA

    16 March 2003, 00:00

    The big question is. How could EPoX improve on such a good board? – Well the latest evolution, the 8RGA+ does not seem to be a great improvement, but merely ...

  • Review: EPoX 8RDA+ nForce2

    4 December 2002, 00:00

    Some may bemoan the fact that the 8RDA+ doesn't support RAID in any format, and others may criticise its lack of a bundled S/PDIF feature, but at an online price ...

  • Review: EPoX KT400 8K9A2+

    24 November 2002, 00:00

    What do I look for in a motherboard? Stability, speed, features, and a comprehensive bundle. The EPoX 8K9A2+ scores well on most counts. As an example of the KT400 chipset, ...

  • Review: EPoX EP-8K5A2+

    1 October 2002, 00:00

    The new features including USB2.0 are very welcome and bring the board up to the feature level of all new boards coming out these days, added to the performance that ...

  • Review: EPoX EP-4G4A

    26 July 2002, 00:00

    While Intel positions the i845G as a business oriented chipset, EPoX seem to be squarely aiming this board at the regular consumer and the enthusiast. While there might be a ...

  • Review: Epox UK / OK 64MB USB Drive

    22 May 2002, 00:00

    The market is full of groovy gadgets now which computer geeks all over the place want to own. But how many of them should one actually get? How many are ...

  • Review: EPoX 8K3A

    14 April 2002, 00:00

    So what is the EPoX 8K3A like in practise after all the benchmarks are run and all the talk about KT333 is over? It's one of the most stable boards ...

  • Review: Epox SiS 645 4SDA

    8 April 2002, 00:00

    The Epox 4SDA is rather barren on the features front. We didn't have RAID (athough the 4SDA+ does), decent on-board sound or additional features such as USB 2.0. We can ...

  • Review: Epox 8K7A+

    3 June 2001, 00:00

    This new Epox DDR socket A motherboard promises a lot, using an AMD 761 Northbridge, Via 686B Southbridge and incorporating a Highpoint RAID controller, along with full FSB and multiplier ...

  • Review: Epox EP-6VBA2

    29 December 2000, 00:00

    Epox is establishing itself with a reputation for manufacturing stable motherboards based on non-Intel Chipsets. Their EP-MVP3G2 and G5 motherboards are one of the best Super 7 motherboards supporting the ...