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Review: EPoX eX5-300S Mini Me SFF System

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 February 2004, 00:00

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EPoX eX5-300S Mini Me SFF System Review

First things first, why does EPoX love using upper and lower case letters for the company name and products?. That beats us. That aside, EPoX is trying a few new ventures right now, because diversification is the key to survival. EPoX has traditionally focussed on motherboards for Intel and AMD CPUs. It's gained quite a cult following by providing excellent voltage regulation, plenty of overclocking features, and decent pricing. As an enthusiast making a choice for either a Socket-754/478/462 board, EPoX's efforts need to be considered at the very least.

EPoX probably has noticed the growing trend amongst motherboard manufacturers to try their hand at different hardware. ABIT, for example, whilst not being the biggest motherboard-related name by a long shot, currently carries graphics cards, server-orientated hardware, and now a Small-Form Factor (SFF) system that we reviewed recently. Shuttle, in particular, has shown that a manufacturer needn't be tied down to its traditional product. It's now noted more for it XPC SFF systems than its regular motherboards.

EPox's management clearly is thinking the same way. We weren't in the least bit surprised when EPoX informed us, via a snazzy press release, that it intended to launch EPoX-branded NVIDIA-based graphics cards. Every other motherboard manufacturer seems to be doing it, so why shouldn't EPoX?. What's more, this bout of related diversification doesn't stop there. EPoX has seen the success that Shuttle has had with the XPCs. It's also seen Biostar, ABIT, Soltek, MSI, to name but a few, jump on the burgeoning SFF ship.

That brings us nicely towards our review today. You may have guessed that EPoX is currently extolling the virtues of its new SFF system. EPoX also reckons it to be a cut above the others. Let's take a closer look at the new Mini Me eX5-300S SFF. The competition is extremely intense. EPoX needs to get it right first time.