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Review: EpoX 4PDA2+ i865PE Springdale

by Tarinder Sandhu on 3 July 2003, 00:00 4.5

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EPoX 4PDA2+ i865PE Springdale

Features, features, features

EPoX are one of a long line of manufacturers to tip their hat into the Springdale ring. The Spingdale chipset has proved to be versatile for Intel. Not only does it arrive in a number of different flavours, it also provides motherboard manufacturers with, in certain cases, Canterwood-like performance at a lower price point. What's more, the Springdale PE chipset is usually presented with the same feature count as the more expensive i875P boards. And to further blur the line between the two, a couple of manufacturers have successfully emulated PAT technology on their cheaper i865PE boards.

EPoX's own Canterwood board was good if not great. The initial BIOS let it down somewhat, and its overall speed was found a little lacking when compared to a couple of rivals' boards. A recent BIOS has taken care of both of our initial misgivings. So now EPoX are out to build on the promise shown by their Canterwood model. Intel will obviously supply the i865PE chipset at a lower price with respect to the premium i875P. What we'd expect, therefore, is an EPoX Springdale board brimming with features, and one that's attractively priced.

Sounds pretty good on paper. How will paper translate into real-world feelings. Read on and find out for yourself.