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Fallout: New Vegas - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 7 October 2010, 12:28

Tags: Bethesda Softworks, RPG

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Unique death animations when using VATS

This time around V.A.T.S offers much more in terms of visual entertainment with the addition of many unique death animations when you use certain weapons. In the Ringo mission, we amusingly see Cobb's head shot clean off in slow motion. This should encourage even more experimentation with different weapons just to watch their effect on enemies. The introduction of new weapons, such as the awesome sounding grenade machine gun, should also make combat more varied and interesting to watch.

New to the series is the companion wheel, a radial menu that you can access quickly to enter companion inventories and set orders, such as commanding team-mates to be more aggressive or defensive. A.I. is said to be much improved, so hopefully we’ll see companions responding accurately to commands.

The new companion wheel

In truth, Fallout: New Vegas doesn’t look too dissimilar to Fallout 3, both in look and in structure. But the new narrative, Vegas setting, tweaks to the gameplay and additions to the combat system should be more than enough to tempt fans of the series. There's not long to wait now! Fallout New Vegas is set to arrive on European shores on October 22, 2010. We'll have a full review shortly.

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Awesome, really cant wait for this. With over 400 locations and 70 main quests along with 90 side quests…it's gonna be BIG.
I'm so looking forward to this it's sad. The graphics look pants again but I realy didn't notice after 140 hours of playing Fallout 3 so no big woop!

Have you been sent preview code then Steve? If so then you're my best mate you are… ;)
me and my Vault-Tec bobble head are excited!

nice pic! Does the bobble head only come in the limited edition?
Decorated in anticipation with a new canvas.