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The Art of Interrogation: New L.A. Noire Screens

by Steven Williamson on 20 January 2011, 05:48

Tags: Rockstar, Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), Action/Adventure

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There's plenty of car chases and shootouts in L.A. Noire, but it's how the game creates gameplay out of human interactions that makes it truly groundbreaking. Observing a suspect, analyzing their behavior and knowing when to believe or doubt them - or when to confront them with the evidence you've collected - is the real test of your skill as a detective.

Asking the wrong questions could cost you precious time or clues, and falsely accusing a suspect could cause them to clam up completely, depriving you of a precious source of information.MotionScan is the technology that makes this gameplay possible, but it's up to you to make the most of every opportunity. Here are four new screens straight from the interrogation room.

Is this the face of a man with nothing to hide?

Phelps confronts a suspect with the evidence against him.

Phelps questions a witness at the scene of a crime – questioning can take place at crime scenes, residences and places of business whenever you’re active on a case.

As his skeptical partner looks on, Phelps attempts to extract an alibi from a suspect in a hideous crime.

Rockstar's crime thriller has been a long time in the making, yet still we have no release date. The fact that more screens have been revealed this week, suggests that their may be more news just around the corner. Let's hope so.

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