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Raijintek intros new chassis and coolers at Computex


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Metis mini-ITX, Atlas micro-ATX, thermal-painted coolers on display.

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Now without actually working with the kit, some of that gear look really interesting and dare I say it fresh. Well thought out with good pricing.
The all-in-one water cooler looked like it had low profile fans. I would be interested to know the total thickness?
I like the option of changing water and adding other components to the water cooling kits. It has the same functionality as the all-in-one solutions with added flexibility if required.

The graphics card cooler looked good, hopefully it will come with the same colour options as their CPU cooler. I can see it being popular for system builders that are going for a specific colour scheme.
Wow, this is some of the best stuff I've seen so far from computex

The all-in-one cooler looks great, esp being clear so you can see what's going on inside it, I love the idea of a non-sealed system.
It would be good if they just sold the block&pump unit separately.

The cases look very good too.
Did he suggest a dual fan liquid cooling system for a southbridge at the end? :eek:

It's a shame the 20cm fan is mounted so low on the atlas, I'm sure the motherboard can put the air to much better use than the hard drives