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Review: Corsair K65 RGB Mini

by Parm Mann on 22 March 2021, 14:01

Tags: Corsair

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Software and Summary

Turns out the K65 RGB Mini hardware isn't all that's new. Corsair has taken this opportunity to publicly release its latest-generation iCue software utility. iCue 4 (4.9.338, to be exact), a whopping 750MB download, arrives with a sweeping face lift that helps modernise an interface that was beginning to look and feel stale.

Corsair's streamlined aesthetic is definitely easier on the eye, and with an emphasis on helping more users achieve a certain level of customisation, the software now features myriad tooltips, step-by-step walkthroughs, and even a library list of video tutorials.

Lighting effects are easier for newcomers to get to grips with, instant lighting has been replaced with 'scenes' akin to the Philips Hue ecosystem, and speaking of Hue, a bridge on the local network is recognised by iCue 4, suggesting that Hue integration could be on the horizon. We expect to see the software evolve in the coming months, but even at this early stage, common tasks such as key assignments, macro recording and firmware updates are handled with relative ease.


Corsair's first foray into the world of 60 per cent gaming keyboards places an emphasis on compact dimensions and expansive customisation. Despite its tiny footprint, the K65 RGB Mini attempts to mimic full-size functionality through numerous Fn shortcuts, a choice of Cherry MX keyswitches, and optional multi-colour keycap sets that play well with the standard bottom-row layout.

Add iCue 4 and 8MB of onboard memory to the mix and you have more flexibility than most competitors in this segment. Good news for users embedded in Corsair's RGB-dressed ecosystem, but there is ample scope for improvement. Attempting to shoehorn so many secondary functions results in cluttered keycap legends, the plastic, hollow-feeling frame can't prevent keys from pinging during use, and some of the shortcut positions are bordering on unhelpful - try using U, H, J and K as your arrow keys and you'll see what we mean.

Bottom line: eye-catching and adorably small, the K65 RGB Mini brings Corsair up to speed with recent trends but doesn't quite live up to its £110 billing.

The Good
The Bad
Vivid RGB lighting
Good scope for customisation
Standard bottom-row layout
Detachable USB-C cable
Cluttered keycap legends
Keys exhibit a noticeable ping
No height adjustment

Corsair K65 RGB Mini


The Corsair K65 RGB Mini keyboard is available to purchase from Scan Computers.


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Looks great, I'll take mine with full sized keys and a num pad please.
I may be old fashioned but I also would like a num pad please
but at £110, you might expect metal backing and crisper acoustics.

I would expect a metal backing at that price point. Not cheap plastic.
The thing is…

Years back, instead of using WASD, I started to use the arrow keys for FPS movement. CTRL is Jump, 0 is prone, 1 is reload and DEL/END/PGUP were assigned to various duties. That seemed considerably better than WASD, due to no other keys immediately surrounding the arrow keys.

Lots of people will read this and think, ‘huh?’ Try it. It works.
I did that myself back in the early 90's. Found it a lot easier, then a lot of games were WASD and I was pretty confused with it, like pffft how is that easier but with games moving on from keyboard only to mouse/keyboard I moved to WASD, still find it easier to use the arrow keys but not enough buttons around them for most of the games I play now. However still use them for strategy games where scrolling is easier with the arrow keys.