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Corsair launches iCue Elite LCD AiO CPU coolers

by Mark Tyson on 19 October 2021, 14:01

Tags: Corsair, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), AMD (NYSE:AMD)

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Corsair has launched a trio of new AiO CPU coolers to form the iCue Elite LCD family. From the name, you will immediately know that these new models are differentiated by coming with an IPS LCD on the pump block crown. Corsair says you can use this built-in screen to display animations, images, or useful system information / statistics. As well as catching onto the coat tails of the LCD-on-pump trend, you can be assured the usual Corsair trappings are present such as; quality construction and components, low noise PWM fans (with 0dB mode), RGB lighting, easy installation, and a five-year warranty.

Below you can check out the full comparative specs list showing the similarities and differences between the new Corsair iCue H100i Elite LCD, iCue H150i Elite LCD, and iCue H170i Elite LCD AiO coolers. Yes, they are Intel LGA1700 ready out of the box.

Above, you can see the main differences between the models are due to the fans used in the radiator. They all use the latest Corsair ML120/140 RGB Elite Series fans with maglev bearings, PWM, anti-vortex vanes, 8x aRGB LEDs, translucent blades, and low-noise characteristics. The Corsair iCue H100i Elite LCD has twin 120mm fans, the H150i has triple 120mm fans, and the H170i has triple 140mm fans.

Corsair explains that the iCUE Commander Core is the brains behind Elite Capellix and Elite LCD, powering the cooler as well as up to 6 fans with full PWM and RGB control. This controller works with the new AiO and fans, as well as with older equipment like the SP RGB Elite Series, ML Series, LL Series, and QL Series fans. Make sure you use PWM fans (not voltage controlled fans) with the Commander Core or your fans will always spin at 100 per cent.

Corsair's iCue is of course the software you will be using to adjust lighting effects, LCD contents, and well as cooling performance parameter adjustment and monitoring. Extended modes you can use on the new AiOs include dynamic in-game lighting effects and downloadable presets.

Recommended pricing for the new iCue Elite LCD AiO CPU coolers is as follows:

  • Corsair iCue H100i Elite LCD: US$290, €258, £220
  • Corsair iCue H150i Elite LCD: US$260, €294, £250
  • Corsair iCue H170i Elite LCD: US$310, €317, £270

If you have an existing Corsair Elite Cappelix AiO cooler, you might be interested to know that an LCD upgrade kit is in the works for your cooler. Upgrading looks like a simple process to go through, with just four screws involved for the cooling block header swap, plus the connection to the Commander Core RGB controller. I don't have pricing for this upgrade kit at the time of writing, but it might be available when the NDA lifts and you are reading this.

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Always like internal displays.
Shame it's an AIO, though. Looks like I'll be staying with my Aquasuite stuff, then…
30Hz LCD, is this some sort of console peasant joke?
Wonder when someone will make a aircooler with a display ?
Wonder when someone will make a aircooler with a display ?

You can be sure some a-hole is trying to pitch it along with led's on each fin!
To be honest I do like the idea of a small display purely for showing temps etc.

The issue for me is I don't want it on my cpu cooler because even if I had a glass case I wouldn't be able to see it because my case is on my left and as such I'd only see the ‘solid side’ so I'd be better served by a little 7inch usb connected display and aida64 (+skin) instead.