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Review: Fractal Design Meshify 2

by Parm Mann on 11 November 2020, 14:01

Tags: Fractal Design

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...offers almost everything that was good about the Define 7 in tandem with improved cooling performance...

Fractal Design has taken its award-winning Define 7 enclosure and tweaked the exterior for maximum airflow.

The resulting case is the latest addition to the Meshify line and offers almost everything that was good about the Define 7 in tandem with improved cooling performance for those who demand the lowest possible temps. The full-height mesh fascia will appeal to enthusiasts who can't abide obstructive front panels, and our benchmarks reveal a marked improvement in cooling ability.

Such alterations don't make the case any less enjoyable to work with - open-top access, tool-free side panels and a versatile interior ensure a high-quality experience - but Meshify 2 inevitably isn't as quiet as its Define 7 sibling, and you do lose the 5.25in optical bay and two USB ports.

Bottom line: we won't be trading in our Define 7s anytime soon, but if you crave the heightened airflow, Meshify 2 is an appealing alternative.

The Good
The Bad
Better airflow than Define 7
Open-top access is handy
Excellent build quality throughout
Pop-open side panels don't need screws
Huge storage potential
Integrated seven-way fan hub
Not as quiet as Define 7
Loses 5.25in optical bay and two USB ports

Fractal Design Meshify 2


The Fractal Design Meshify 2 chassis will be available to purchase from Scan Computers.


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I really like the look of this case, and the cooling performance seems excellent, but I feel that the Define 7 makes more sense, as it still offers great cooling, while also still offering good acoustics. It's nice to have a choice anyway!
Would be good to see a coolermaster case added to the test comparison cases. 2 Bequiet's, 2 Corsair, 2 Deepcool and 3 Fractals yet not one coolermaster
I like the look of this, but I think I'm going to shrink to iTX on my next re-case..

Will absolutely a Fractal Design case though, my server was in a Node 804, now a Node 304 after a board/cpu/ram rebuild, the 304 I picked up used with no screws, I emailed them, fully expected to pay for a screw set but they didn't have any in stock on the spares site, the guy I was dealing with posted me a set they had laying around in the office, FOC..
SFF / ITX is where it's at in terms of the pinnacle of PC design right now.
Don't get why they removed sound damping from the sides and 5.25 inch drive. Surely they were selling points and not much obstruction to air flow.