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The future of Evesham? Will we find out today?

by Willy Deeplung on 18 July 2007, 12:23

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The rumour mill has been grinding for some time now, with suggestions that UK PC manufacturer Evesham was in financial trouble. HEXUS has learned that we 're likely to find out more very soon.

Recall our June HEXUS.bean on the matter, in which we questioned the validity of such rumours.

Today however - or in the very near future - something is going to happen. As we understand it, Richard Austin - Evesham CEO, will be making some form of announcement.

Word has it that it will not be a declaration of bankruptcy, rather a takeover of some kind.

Adding fuel to the flames is the news that in the week commencing 18th June, Shaun Morris, who was as we understand it the Purchasing Director for Evesham, along with Managing Director Brad Walker and Financial Director David Hards, left the company, leaving just Richard Austin.

Something is happening, but exactly when it'll be announced has yet to be revealed.

We'll keep our ears to the ground; check back for more info as we get it...

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Yesterday was the day… did anything happen?
No it didn't - and it was kinda daft to post such a news thread on the front page to that effect, I'm assuming down to the fact that someone who works for Evesham thought it would be *the day* because staff got paid earlier to help with the new company coming in (whoever they may be), but you might wanna check your insiders information, because as with everything else that's been said thus far - it was a rumour.

Oh, and nothing happened today either :P