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Former Evesham staff start tech-support company

by Scott Bicheno on 30 December 2008, 16:10

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A possible silver lining

Anyone who has had even a passing interest in the UK PC industry for more than a couple of years will be familiar with Evesham Technology. At one time it was probably the biggest domestic system builder in the UK.

By August 2007 Evesham was in trouble and was apparently bailed out by entrepreneur Tahir Mohsan, who was reportedly able to front up £22 million despite having guided Time Computers into administration only two years earlier.

In fact this bail-out was anything but, at least for Evesham employees and creditors, and by the start of this year it was operating with a skeleton staff and was eventually put out of its misery in February.

Nobody knows what value Mohsan and former chairman Richard Austin managed to extract from the carcass of Evesham. But once the dust had settled there was very little left for creditors, who were taking legal advice.

Former staff were also let down, as were warranty holders, who were given the opportunity to pay Total Care and Support - a company based in Time technology park - if they needed technical support.

However, some former Evesham employees, including the once technical head Robin Daunter, are attempting to make something out of the aftermath by offering to service the needs of what must still be a fairly sizable install-base of Evesham PCs.