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Stone Computers and Compusys continue the merging trend

by Steve Kerrison on 21 November 2006, 22:53

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More mergers in a mature market.

Resellers and system integrators serving the public sector, Compusys and Stone Computers, have announced that they'll be merging the two companies.

Stone Computers provides computing and networking equipment to the public sector, servicing over 500 schools and manufacturing 40 000 PCs a year. Compusys is a similar affair, also providing independent High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions.

According to a press release issued by Stone and Compusys, the two brand names will continue to exist. The press release states that Stone's core market sectors include schools and local councils, while Compusys sits strong with higher education, emergency services and the aforementioned HPC solutions. Both companies are Intel Premier Partners and Microsoft Certified Partners.

In the words of our James Smith, the merger is "yet another example of the general consolidation we’ve seen over the last five years. Being able to supply a wider range of services from the largest company possible is seen as a competitive advantage." Indeed, the press release corroborates this, reading "It is a strategic move that reflects the clear ambition of the two organisations to lead the current trend towards consolidation within a maturing marketplace."

We'd link you up to the press release, but neither company website seems to have a text copy. Ho-hum.



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