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Rock announces three year on-site warranty as standard

by Scott Bicheno on 23 June 2009, 15:47

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Keeping customers

Over a year ago, Stone Computers just couldn't resist when similarly named UK notebook maker rock became available after going into administration, and bought it.

Stone is best known as a system builder and reseller for the public sector, but it looks like it's decided to maintain rock as a premium consumer notebook brand.

Today is has announced that the three year warranty that already comes as standard on all rock notebooks has been made on-site for all three years. It claims to be the only notebook maker to offer such a warranty as standard and clearly hopes to differentiate itself on customer service.

"As the founder of rock, I am delighted that Stone are the custodians of the brand," said Nick Boardman, who became product development director at Stone when it acquired rock. "Keeping true to the brand's roots allows us to focus solely on what rock does best - delivering state of the art gaming performance technology."

The new warranty will come into effect when rock launches the Xtreme 790 and Xtreme 840 performance gaming notebook ranges, but no date has been given for this other than "shortly".

One of rock's biggest domestic competitors in the performance notebook market is Novatech, which coincidentally is also launching some new gaming notebooks right now and was considering buying rock itself a year ago. Small world eh?


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I'd be interested to see what it does to the price but that is a fantastic thing to be offered for “nothing”.

Well done rock/stone.
Considering the way they treated me, keeping my laptop for over 6 months while they “repaired” it along with their ungoing customer/tech service issues it will be very long time before I buy from Rock/Stone again.
Thank you, this is good news for other visitors :juggle:
Thank you, this is good news for other visitors