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Acer Aspire Revo hits retail, is surprisingly affordable

by Parm Mann on 18 May 2009, 10:54

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Acer's Aspire Revo has been doing the rounds in recent weeks as the first nettop to sport NVIDIA's ION platform - that's GeForce 9400M-class graphics coupled with an Intel Atom processor.

Today, the supposedly-affordable-and-tiny 1080p-capable PC has become available at, and it's... well, surprisingly affordable. Today's listings show the base model - equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N230 processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8GB SSD, GeForce 9400M graphics and a Linux operating system - etailing at a cost of £149.99.

Not a whole lot, considering that the system is essentially a small-and-low-power HTPC that's capable of high-def output. The Revo's armed with HDMI or VGA out, eSATA, six USB ports, a memory-card reader, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, and a wired keyboard and mouse, too.

Of course, the Linux flavouring might not appeal to all users, and the single-core Intel Atom processor may struggle with certain tasks. But for a penny under £150, it's hard to complain. If, however, you insist on doing so, there's another option - the £249.99 Acer Aspire Revo, beefed up with 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and Microsoft's Windows Vista Home Premium operating system.

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Of course, the lack of optical drive makes the ability to decode high-def content a little less palatable ;) How much is an external Bluray drive?

That aside, it's a good price for the hardware and it cannot be too soon before this makes its way to the netbook market…
Can't decode HD content - er, explain? :)
Seems kinda useless, 8gb of storage and linux? what am I gonna do? browse the internet and do some word processing…..
Can't decode HD content - er, explain? :)
Was that aimed at me?

I didn't say that it couldn't decode HD content, just that lacking an optical drive made it “less palatable” - i.e. you'd need to rip your HD content then probably stream it over a network since an 8GB hard drive is pretty insignificant. That's a lot of bother for an HTPC - most people would want to stick a Bluray movie into it and have it “just work”. I know a slot loading BD drive would push the cost up a fair bit, but it would also make it a lot more convincing as an out-of-the-box HTPC…
Looks great to me! I'm thinking of buying one for the bedroom, no need for masses of storage space or an optical drive as it'll play everything off the main HTPC in the lounge

For most people the lack of an optical drive is a deal breaker though.