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BFG gives extreme Phobos PC an upgrade

by Parm Mann on 8 April 2009, 10:03

Tags: Phobos, BFG Technologies

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BFG's ultra-high-end Phobos PC already packs enough power to satisfy the biggest of appetites, but the US-based manufacturer has seen fit to give it a little upgrade.

In the knowledge that a pair of GeForce GTX 275s are quicker than a single GeForce GTX 295, BFG now offers its system with NVIDIA's latest GPU configured in SLI.

On top of that, it's also now offering would-be-buyers the option to upgrade from quick Western Digital VelociRaptor hard drives to the very-quick Intel solid state drives.

Prices still start from $3,000 and rise to over $10,000 with all the upgrades applied. Out of reach for most, but if you were contemplating getting one - and the BFG concierge service that comes with it - the SSD option might just be enough to convince you.

Official product page: BFGsystems.com

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Phew! Thank goodness for that, the old Phobos was sooooo behind the times… :rolleyes:

Us mere mortals live and dream *sigh*
Double roll-over this week ;)