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BFG says RIP to graphics card business

by Parm Mann on 19 May 2010, 09:51

Tags: BFG Technologies

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American manufacturer BFG Technologies has announced that it will cease to produce graphics cards effective immediately.

The company, based out of Illinois, USA, is best known for producing overclocked NVIDIA graphics cards and has done so for the best part of a decade.

BFG has yet to disclose the reasons behind its exit from the graphics marketplace, but Internet gossip is already pointing its collective finger at a lack of interest surrounding NVIDIA's most recent launch; the GeForce GTX 400 series.

Looking ahead, BFG has stated that it will turn its attention a range of power supplies and computers systems - including the company's Deimos line of notebooks and Phobos line of extreme gaming desktops.

Hoping to ease the fears of existing customers, the manufacturer adds that it will "continue to offer RMA, telephone and email support for qualified BFG Tech graphics card warranty holders."

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What a shame, some of the best cards on the market and most definitely the best warranty.
What a shame, some of the best cards on the market and most definitely the best warranty.

Agreed. Perhaps they should've diversified to do ATI cards as well like some of the other formerly nvidia only AIBs.

My favourite graphics card company, bar none. I had 2 BFG cards before I made the switch to ATI.
Bugger… That's not good.

They did announce exist from GPU market not bankruptcy so makes me wonder… What next?
I agree they should have got on the ATI 5000 DX11 series wagon. They would have made some nice OC versions as well as water cooled.

Their withdrawal must have a lot to do with the late delivery of the 400 series/Fermi product from Nvidia.