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ASUS Eee Box hits retail with built-in virus infection

by Parm Mann on 8 October 2008, 14:53

Tags: Eee Box, ASUSTeK (TPE:2357)

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It turns out ASUS may be dishing out its various Eee PC models a little too quickly for its own good, as the Taiwan-based manufacturer has today confirmed that Eee Box units shipped to Japan may contain a software virus.

According to PC Advisor, ASUS has warned that the D: partition of the Eee Box hard drive contains a hidden file named recycled.exe. When the drive is accessed, the virus is said to activate itself and consequently infect any other drive connected to the system.

Though infected Eee Box systems are known to be present in Japan, ASUS hasn't yet confirmed if the problem exists in other regions.

The news comes just weeks after ASUS shipped software cracks on recovery CDs bundled with its F3JC and VX2 notebooks.

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What an epic fail!
Ahhh, what a brilliant few weeks for Asus!!!
Its nice to see theyve recovered well from the whole thing with dishing out cracks on CD.

Obviously they've taken the idea of making things as easy as Apple to heart… :P
man, asus were right to sideline their linux hardware & move more towards XP. how else would you get an authentic computing experience like this one?