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CEBIT 2005: XFX bring Extreme PC to the masses

by Nick Haywood on 12 March 2005, 00:00

Tags: XFX (HKG:1079)

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XFX bring Extreme PC to the masses

On the first day of CeBIT we reported on XFX’s TV series titled “Extreme PC Garage”. If your PC is considered sad enough, XFX would fly you and your machine to LA, tear the guts out of it, fill it back up with bleeding egde hardware and then mod the box until it begs for mercy… At the end of all that, you’ll be presented with an uber-stomping rig and all at XFX’s expense.

Now, as an homage to the Extreme PC Garage series, XFX have created PYP3, which takes the PC design concept, throws the idea of having a square box right out of the window, runs it over with a bus and then shoots it… twice.

If anything, PYP3 looks like the offspring of a tryst between a cat basket and a waste paper bin… but trust me, it looks far, far sexier than it sounds. And this is no mod botch job either, each and every bit of the casing is custom made.

End on, it’s a hexagonal shape and roughly a foot and a half long. A brilliant feature is the mix of steel and perpex which encases the workings. This is held on by two flip clips, a bit like the old MG motors. With everything crammed inside, access is key, so the entire casing lifts off to allow you to get inside from any angle.

The top of the case has a very sturdy carry handle, which means this could be something for the LAN fans amongst us. Being able to lug a PC by your side gets rids of the worry of smashing your fingers against door frames, which can severely limit your LAN success.

Finished with up-to-the-minute graphics to make it stand out in even the most garish of crowds, the PYP#3 is available exclusively through in the UK. All you have to do is give those chaps a call to be the proud owner of one of these tasty machines…. Just don’t let your mum try to take the cat to the vets in it!