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Fractal Design adds modular PSUs to Integra line

by Parm Mann on 31 July 2014, 15:02

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Fractal Design has refreshed its line of Integra Series power supplies with the launch of four new semi-modular units.

The new additions arrive under the Integra M moniker and offer 80 Plus Bronze certification across the 450W, 550W, 650W and 750W available capacities. Each unit has only the essential cables fixed to the supply - namely the 20+4-pin motherboard cable and 12V CPU cable, as well as a single PCIe cable on the 650/750W models. The other bundled cables are flat to minimise airflow disruption and attach to the four available ports.

A single, temperature-controlled 120mm fan is used to cool the supply, and what's interesting is that the supply's length is kept to a relatively-short 140mm, making it well suited to some of the smaller cases now on the market.

There's been no mention of who actually builds the new PSUs, but we do know they'll come backed by a three-year warranty, and we also have pricing information. At launch, Fractal has the UK MSRPs set at £54.99 for the 450W supply, £64.99 for 550W, £74.99 for 650W and £84.99 for the range-topping 750W model.

A complete specification for each unit, complete with cable configuration and power-output details, is available over at fractal-design.com.

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Only 4 ports? That's pretty low. I would only expect that on a ‘budget’ range but the prices don't scream budget at me.
Only 4 ports? That's pretty low. I would only expect that on a ‘budget’ range but the prices don't scream budget at me.

I could understand it for the 450w and maybe the 550w but what's the point of a 750W unit if it can't run crossfire/sli?
Aye does seem strange, I run SLI GTX 670s with a 650w
Personally I don't class that as modular when you've got a load of fixed cables… semi modular would be a better term.

With a lot of the fully modular psu's you can get shorter/longer cables which are ideal for small form factor pc's, the target market for these due to their shorter case length