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XFX gets professional with new PSUs

by Pete Mason on 6 October 2010, 15:21

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Among some enthusiasts, the argument rages on over which is best for a high-end PC - a single-rail PSU or multiple dedicated 12V rails. We won't claim to know the answer, but XFX clearly falls into the former camp, as is evident from the launch of the new Pro series PSUs.

The manufacturer is touting the its 'EasyRail' technology, which provides nearly all of the power over one rail. We're not sure how this is different to other PSUs with a similar deign, but XFX claims that owners will be able to easily get the most of the power that the Pro series has to offer.

Moving away from marketing buzzwords, this new range actually seems to be quite handy. Don't expect too much flash from these models, but the important features are all there at a relatively competitive price.

Each of the 650W, 750W and 850W models is 80 PLUS Bronze certified, meaning that they're 85 per cent efficient at half load. They're also SLI and CrossFire ready, have tight input-voltage regulation, high-quality components and a large 135mm fan - thankfully in a tasteful grey, rather than XFX's usual shade of vibrant green.

There are some sacrifices, of course - the design features integrated, not modular cables. However, it's a small price to pay for a quality PSU at a reasonable price. The XFX Core Series PRO650W - to give it its full title - is currently available for pre-order for around £73 (inc VAT), while the 750W and 850W models will cost £83 and £93, respectively.

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I had some reviews I found, here in my post, to get some thoughts on it but I guess it's not good to share reviews so find them on your own.

Hexus current review is not detailed enough so let me know what you think about the PSU compared to Corsair. isn't corsair also manufactured by Seasonic? has any one found a Corsair vs XFX head to head comparison?
You've got to love it when people sign up just to post things like that ;) EC, get your act together!

I was looking forward to these power supplies until that post :(