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Corsair's entire PSU range is now 80 PLUS certified

by Tarinder Sandhu on 10 April 2008, 16:48

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With energy efficiency close to the hearts of all responsible system integrators and OEMs, specifying an ultra-efficient PSU - which equates to minimal power-loss in the transition from AC mains to DC PC - is more than just a marketing decision.

Being green is in, frankly, and that's why we see most large-ish hardware manufacturers making concerted efforts at ensuring their latest products not only perform well, but do so in power-efficient terms.

Corsair's seven current power supplies, ranging from 450W through to 1,000W, meet and exceed 80 PLUS certification, we're informed, meaning that all PSUs operate at 80pc efficiency over a wide-load range - 20pc, 50pc, and 100pc of stated power output.

Thinking about it, it's important that PSUs be highly efficient at low-load ratings, as most users don't stress their power supplies to 100pc capacity on a continuous basis. Higher efficiency, ceteris paribus, also leads to lower running costs, too.

“We at the 80 PLUS program are delighted to recognize and applaud Corsair for having a complete power supply product line that is 80 PLUS certified,” said Jason Boehlke of the 80 PLUS Organization.

The case for the PSUs' efficiency is even better when considered from a UK perspective; our 240V AC mains dictates still-higher efficiency readings than the 110V present in the US.

The ticket price is only one indicator of a power supply's quality. Long-term running costs are rarely factored in.

Find out more here and here.

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