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Corsair releases upgraded Sabre RGB gaming mouse

by Mark Tyson on 9 March 2016, 09:31

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Corsair has released an updated version of its Sabre RGB gaming mouse. Its new sensor boasts up to 10,000 dpi resolution for "superior accuracy and fast gameplay". The PC components and accessories specialist firm also launched a pair of new PSUs yesterday. The Corsair SF600 and SF450 are fully modular, 80 Plus Gold Certified power supplies for SFX form-factor builds.

Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse

This upgraded gaming mouse with four-zone dynamic multi-colour backlighting is available immediately at your regular Corsair supplier. The major upgrade present in the new Sabre RGB is the use of a new 10,000 dpi sensor. Corsair says this upgrade, combined with the mouse's lightweight and ergonomic design, provides "superior tracking speed with deadly accuracy". A 1,000Hz USB polling rate further enhances the lag-free responsiveness of this wired 8-button rodent.


  • Lightweight: Just 100g total weight. React more quickly and play longer with less fatigue.
  • 10,000 DPI optical sensor and multi-color DPI indicator: Confident, high-accuracy tracking makes every click count.
  • Four-zone dynamic multi-color backlighting: Enjoy virtually infinite color customization.
  • CUE Software: Slick and intuitive Corsair Utility Engine gives you performance tuning and customization control.
  • 8 Programmable buttons: Fully configurable layout for personalized play.
  • High-performance switches: Custom designed for gaming, with fast response and high reliability.
  • Ergonomic design: Fits comfortably in your hand and supports multiple grip styles.
  • 1,000 Hz USB refresh rate: Lag-free responsiveness for fast play.
  • Braided easy-flex USB cable: 1.8 Meters of unencumbered roaming.
  • MSRP: $49.99 Exc. Tax

Corsair SF600 and SF450 SFX power supplies

Corsair has announced the new Corsair SF600 and SF450 SFX PSUs. These are the firm's first ever SFX units and were designed to as part of Corsair's Bulldog project. The compact new devices bring "the high-end features of Corsair's award winning PSUs to a new compact form factor," it is claimed. Full modularity, as is on offer here, is also said to be of great utility to compact PC builders - where space is at a premium.

The Corsair SF600 and SF450 are constructed using high quality components for performance and reliability. In constructing the 80 plus Gold-certified efficiency SFX PSUs, with tight voltage regulation, only Japanese capacitors are used. Corsair claims it is the only SFX PSU maker to equip a full-size 90mm cooling fan, helping provide a low noise unit, a quality reinforced by Corsair's Zero RPM Fan Mode (so the fan only spins up when the PSU is under higher loads).


  • SFX Form Factor: Designed for high performance small form factor systems.
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified: High-efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower operating costs.
  • Fully modular cable set: Detachable DC cables make builds and upgrades easy, with clean, great-looking results.
  • 100% All Japanese 105°C capacitors: Premium internal components ensure solid power delivery and long term reliability.
  • Zero RPM Fan Mode: Virtually silent operation at low and medium loads.
  • Seven year warranty: Your guarantee of reliable operation that will last across multiple system builds.
  • MSRP: SF600 $119.99 Exc. Tax - SF450 $89.99 Exc. Tax

The Corsair SF450 is available immediately but please note that the SF600 is only available for pre-order right now, this more powerful PSU of the pair will be available "shortly", says Corsair.

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Good to see someone taking on Silverstone in the SFX power supply market. Not that there's anything wrong with Silverstone SFX PSUs, but more competition is always good!
Meh. Mouse designs have really become boring… It looks like every other mouse out there, with no innovation on buttons. What happened to things like a third thumb button? God, I miss my MX-518…
What happened to things like a third thumb button?

Bit niche designing mice for people with 3 thumbs
After the run of QA issues I have had on Corsair devices, I won't be looking at this one!
Meh. Mouse designs have really become boring… It looks like every other mouse out there, with no innovation on buttons. What happened to things like a third thumb button? God, I miss my MX-518…

I still have mx-518, it has become my backup mouse to my Roccat Kone XTD. But only because of size. (my hands got larger!)

Brought it back in 2005/6! and still going strong. :)