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Corsair introduces its new USB stick designs

by Matt Davey on 15 March 2007, 02:55

Tags: Corsair

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Corsair introduces its new USB stick designs

It seems those clever folks over at Corsair have decided to fight back against HEXUS.tv and our quest of total destruction. Nick has tried smacking balls with his stick without success; even the pizza guy had no suggestions. Of course we had the odd jump and throw but let’s face it, bent pins aside our Corsair Flash Voyager keeps on serving up the bytes.

We managed to get with Corsair whilst the men around them were still trying to build something resembling a stand and they shared with us a couple of prototype for their next range of USB memory sticks. As Nick started thinking of possible methods of destruction we had to leave, although ammunition and explosives did enter the discussion before we moved on.

With the new Survivor range it seems that Nick and the HEXUS.tv team may one day defeat the Flash Voyager only to be faced with these funky aluminium tubes of storage. We’ll have more news on these and other Corsair products as and when we get it.

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These were shown a few months back, I even asked about them in the corsair forum :D

Can't wait for them as I'm fed up of losing the lid on my voyager.
Hi Gordy,

Are you sure these are the same things? Corsair don't have any to give us as they advised these are still pre-production samples here on display at CeBIT.

Yup bit tech had pics of them a while ago.


They had them at CES, called something slightly different but clearly the same beast :D

Nice to see they've done the gt version tho. One of those in 16gb and I might finally be able to back up to a flash drive :D
Yes indeed, development is still continuing and yes the name has changed due to copyright issues I beleive.