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Gitex 2006 - HP celebrates millions of owners in style

by HEXUS Staff on 19 November 2006, 09:53


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Gitex 2006 - HP celebrates millions of owners in style

Gitex 2006
There is more than one reason for HP to be celebrating in the Middle East, 4 million of them in fact. With sales of its LaserJet printer line passing this impressive number, the question had to be just how could it celebrate this milestone? Try coating one of its popular HP1160 printers in $20,000 worth of silver and 24-carat gold.

Gitex 2006

Gitex 2006

This one-off working model is due to be auctioned off to the highest bidder in aid of charity after the end of Gitex. Care to get your wallet out?

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A gold plated printer, riiight….

Someone at HP is getting kick ass weed from somewhere.
I wonder how much it will go for, I'd guess about 50K.
Hmmm it says silver and 24k gold…so a little bit of gold and shed loads of silver which will tarnish :mrgreen:
thing is tho a printer worth what £20-£30k is one thing, i bet there still going to put a 99p standard USB cable in the back :)
I suspect Rahul at Voodoo probably did it with some spare “bling” from his last PC… Linky