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HP releases seven 27-inch+, 1ms, 165Hz gaming monitors

by Mark Tyson on 6 August 2021, 12:11


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HP has decided to liberally sprinkle gaming monitors onto the market this week, with seven new models added to its HP X stables. Below I will embed a full feature table, but before doing so it is worth a quick summary of what is being offered here. HP has outed three new curved VA monitors, and four new flat IPS panel monitors for gamers. All the models are either 27-, 32- or 34-inches in diagonal, and they all sport a response time of 1ms, a max refresh rate of 165Hz, and are all certified as AMD FreeSync Premium gaming monitors. Another common trait is the three sided borderless design, and adjustable stands provided (which can be swapped out for VESA stands or mounts).

In the table below, you can see that HP is aiming at wide appeal, perhaps angling for gamers looking at upgrading from an older 1080p FHD 22- or 24-inch monitor. That being the case, with one of these HP X model options, you can jump to a larger screen, and faster refresh rate, and even decide that 1440p might be a transition you want to invest in. Customers are also provided the welcome choice of curved or flat screens.

These monitors aren't pushing any boundaries, they are just providing a wide range of interesting options at mainstream prices. That is what brands like HP do, while more advanced and esoteric designs for gamers will be created under the Omen brand – where advancements might include even higher resolutions, faster variable refresh rates, better HDR support, and so on. Likewise, higher-end consumer products are featured under sub-brands like Envy or Spectre.

Info and tables via Computer Base (Germany).

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What an absolute waste of resources. 3, at the most, top, middle and bottom.
What an absolute waste of resources. 3, at the most, top, middle and bottom.
Seems to me they're trying to give a range of screens, all mid-range, aimed at giving certain usage profiles an edge. i.e. does HDR matter? Emphasis on colour accuracy or moion blur? Curved or flat, because some people prefer on and some the other, and there are people badly afeected by curved panels for productivity tasks, while ohers prefer curved for “immersiveness”. And all while sticking to mid-range pricing, not specialist panels.
Now if they could make there HP Business Laptops/ desktops able to use such refresh rates that be nice.
went down that route for somebody with user and Migraine issues and unless buying a HP gaming one your essentially stuck at 60hz - obviously outside of HP home built or another brand with dedicated graphics card then not an issue.