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Corsair launches K68 RGB spill-resistant mech gaming keyboard

by Mark Tyson on 31 January 2018, 13:11

Tags: Corsair

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Corsair has launched its new K68 RGB dust and spill-resistant mechanical gaming keyboard with individually backlit and programmable keys. To verify its dust and water-resistance Corsair has had the keyboard certified to IP32. Corsair uses Cherry MX keys in the new K68, but limits the choice to just the linear non-tactile gamer-favourite ‘Red’ variety.

To make it easy to get the most from the frill and utility that individually programmable RGB lighting provides, the PC components and accessories maker bundles its powerful Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software. As well as addressing your mechanical keyboard this software will allow you to sync colour and lighting schemes between other CUE compatible peripherals. CUE goes beyond lighting to facilitate key remaps, macros, and more.

To meet the IP32 standard Corsair had to surround each Cherry MX RGB key by a rubberized shield that stops liquids and blocks dust, without blocking the RGB lighting from shining brightly beneath. It should shrug off dust accumulation and late night soda spills with ease. Cheery MX keys also have a good name for reliability and Cherry claims each individual keyboard keyswitch is rated for 50 million key presses.

Extras provided with the K68 include a removable full-length wrist rest for comfort, dedicated volume and multi-media controls, and a Windows Key Lock Mode to prevent untimely accidental gaming interruptions.

Other important specs of the K68 RGB can be found on the dedicated specs page here. Notably this keyboard weighs 1.41kg, measures 455mm x 170mm x 39mm, and comes with a captive rubber tangle-free cable. Corsair provides a two-year warranty and pricing, depending upon your region is as listed below:


K68 RGB Regional SKU


North America


$119.99 (Exc. TAX)



£119.99 (Incl. TAX)



€ 149.90 (Incl. TAX)



€ 149.90 (Incl. TAX)



$219.99 (Incl. TAX)



€ 149.90 (Incl. TAX)


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Is it whisky resistant? My current mechanical key board likes a drop of whisky now and again…
I used to have a Corsair mechanical with Cherry Blues and I loved it - sadly it failed on me and I had to replace it..since then been happy with my Razor with black switches.

I'd definitely go for a Corsair again though - the only reason I didn't last time is that their RMA process used to be atrocious for UK customers (posting a keyboard to mainland europe was not cheap! I ended up returning mine to Amazon instead) however they have fixed that now that they have a new partnership with Scan who handle their UK RMAs for them :)

Shame it only has Cherry Reds though - personally I don't like them..i'd consider it if they offered multiple switch types in the future though.
Cheery MX keys also have a good name for reliability…
Those “Cheery MX” keys surely are something special… ;-)
Love Corsair keyboards. The software still needs work though. Thankfully they release updates. The newer keyboards are rather expensive now though. I am waiting to get a new keyboard when Corsair releases the new Cherry MX LP switches. Price will be a factor.