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HEXUS.beans :: ATI RV560 and 570 Crossfire plans

by Willy Deeplung on 13 July 2006, 09:18

Tags: ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD)

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After spending many a night out in Asia we heard some very filling little beans.... When speaking to one of the many AIB partners, we learnt some information about ATI's upcoming 560/570 GPUs.

2 is better than 1 - we have got ATI and NVIDIA both touting this – in fact soon we will have ATI telling us 3 is better than 2 - and NVIDIA have already played their hand and told us they want atleast 4. With this in mind the way that you deploy your next multi-GPU solution is becoming critical.

Currently ATI have some cards which are "dongle less" - now up to the X1900GT. However, the ATI RV560 and 570 which are replacements for ATI's mid-range parts will both of course support Crossfire. Nothing new I hear you cry, but wait, the challenge ATI currently face is the way they get the 2 cards to connect. Here is the real juicy bit - ATI have too much data which needs to be pumped between the 2 to go across the mainboard so they have to bridge them. No one likes the ATI dongle - it's deemed a 2nd rate solution compare to the NVIDIA internal connector. ATI have finally decided to follow suit and they will launch the card with 2 connectors inside, these dual connectors will push data both ways.

So, have ATI copied NVIDIA again? Care to comment in the

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Personally, I don't care if ATI are copying the Nvidia bridge connector; it's a more sensible idea, removes the need for specialist “Master” cards, and means that at the very top end you can pair up an XTX (or equivalent) with a card of equivalent speed. Makes sense to me.
Yep - its a much more refined and easier solution to use - say if your friend has an NVIDIA 6800GT and you do too - he upgrades - you can currently easily just put it in your system and you have SLI - cheaper than with ATI where you would have to buy a new master card