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LUXA2's LM100 Mini adds sex appeal to mini-ITX form factor

by Parm Mann on 4 March 2009, 20:11

Tags: LM100 Mini, LUXA2

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LUXA2, a division of Thermaltake, is setting out to deliver sleek-looking HTPC chassis that offer something different to Thermaltake's usual array of gamer-specific products.

The pick of the bunch, in our estimation, is the sexy little LM100 Mini - designed for the mini-ITX form factor. On show at CeBIT '09, this little beauty is described as "exquisite and desirable", and we're almost inclined to agree.

The LM100 Mini measures just 282.5mm x 232mm x 123.8mm and features a 5mm solid aluminium finish that LUXA2 hopes will blend into most users' living rooms with ease.

Commanding the LM100's front face is a VFD display, accompanied by a flip-down front panel that reveals USB, FireWire and audio connection ports.

Inside there's room for one optical drive and one 3.5in hard drive, a single expansion slot and a bundled 200W flex-ATX power supply. Cooling comes courtesy of dual 50mm fans at the rear of the case, and it's near-silent in operation.

There's no mention of pricing yet, but throw in say a GeForce 9300-based mini-ITX board and a few other components, and you're looking at a sexy living room PC.

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US pricing is $199.99 - see - and yes, it does look good!
Wow. That looks good.

“Ion inside?”
Could you please avoid using ‘sex appeal’ as some sort of a contraction of ‘aesthetic appeal’?

The two are very different things.
Nice little chassis, but I'm not feeling the sex appeal I'm afraid :)
Would of been nicer with a slot dvd drive, or some form of clip on drive cover.
The plastic drive clashes a little with the brushed aluminium