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LUXA2's "exquisite" LM100 Mini chassis on course for May launch

by Parm Mann on 6 April 2009, 11:13

Tags: LM100 Mini, LUXA2

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Sleek mini-ITX chassis launches next month

LUXA2, a relatively-new division of Thermaltake, has announced that its LM100 Mini chassis will be launching in May '09.

The mini-ITX chassis, pictured below, was first seen by HEXUS at last month's CeBIT and is described by LUXA2 as "exquisite and desirable".

Measuring 282.5mm x 232mm x 123.8mm and constructed from 5mm solid aluminium, it's a small-but-sleek HTPC solution that admittedly had us licking our lips in anticipation when we first laid our eyes on it.

The LM100 Mini features a built-in VFD display that displays all sorts of eye candy, including a graphic equaliser, system information, media information, email stats, news, world time and weather. Elsewhere, it's fitted with an IR receiver and bundled with a Windows Media Center-compatible remote control.

There's room for a single slim optical disk drive, a 3.5in hard drive, and a 200W power supply is included as standard. Keeping the unit cool are a pair of 4,000rpm 50mm fans at the rear.

It has the looks, but whilst we know it'll be reaching retail in around a month's time, we've still no indication as to how much it'll cost. In the meantime, head on over to page two for a handful of additional images.

Official press release: LUXA2 LM100 Mini Enclosure - Exquisite and Desirable