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Evesham’s PCs get a sprinkle of NVIDIA magic x3!

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Evesham, 18th December 2007

If you have not heard already, NVIDIA has announced its next-generation NVIDIA nForce® 780i SLI MCP, designed specifically for new Intel CPU’s, such as the 1333FSB Intel QX9650 processor.  The new nForce 780i SLI MCP brings a multitude of new functionality to Intel platforms, including support for the new Enthusiast System Architecture specification and PCI Express Gen 2.0. It is also the first motherboard solution to also support the Company’s new 3-way SLI™ technology, the industry’s preeminent multi-GPU platform solution based on NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics processing units.

NVIDIA 3-way SLI technology offers an unmatched PC gaming experience, delivering up to a 2.8x performance boost over traditional single graphics card platforms and Evesham’s high end gaming rigs are being upgraded to accommodate.  

Evesham’s Cosmos series of gaming PCs which have been designed specifically to satisfy the needs of hardcore gaming enthusiasts will now include the new NVIDIA nForce ® 780i SLI MCP as standard. Evesham’s other PC ranges can be configured to include the new technology.

The best just got better. For a pre-configured Cosmos using NVIDIA 3-way SLI technology then look no further than the Cosmos Elite TRISLI offering Intel’s latest QX9650 CPU,  3x NVIDIA 8800 Ultra graphics cards, an NVIDIA nForce® 780i and a next generation Blu Ray / HD DVD drive all for a jaw dropping £ 3,649.00

For playing this year’s most cutting-edge games, including Crysis and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, 3-way SLI technology lets gamers ratchet up the resolution to 1900x1200 and 2500x1600 respectively, while partaking in all of the tasty eye candy, including high-dynamic range lighting, motion blur, and realistic environmental effects. If you’re serious about gaming you will seriously want this latest gaming triumph!

Evesham will begin introducing NVIDIA nForce® 780i technology into its PC portfolio from January 2008, visit www.evesham.com/cosmos for further information.