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Packard Bell PB Go

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The Packard Bell Go Series enriches with a new amazing USB 3.0 version, yet is 100% USB 2.0 compatible, for the most demanding users.

External portable storage solutions are nowadays indispensable devices due to the growing amount and size of digital contents you always need to have with you.

After the 2.5-inch PB Go mobile hard drive launched at the beginning of September 2010 and the following white version  at  1TB, the newly born PB Go USB 3.0 confirms Packard Bell’s attention to trends.

Thanks to the USB 3.0, the new PB Go allows up to 10 times faster data transfer. USB 3.0 is bi-directional, using one direction for sending and the other for receiving data.

With its brilliant black case, PB Go distinguishes for its lightweight design. USB powered, it is extremely easy to carry and use: there is no need to have an external power supply to carry your digital life in your pocket.

In addition, being fan-less, it runs coolly and quietly, for silent operations. Up to 1TB, the PB Go can store an incredible amount of pictures, songs and videos etc.

The new Packard Bell PB Go features exclusive PowerSave Technology, which reduces power consumption by 30%. PowerSave then extends the drive’s effective life expectancy by reducing disk drive usage.

Last but not least, the Packard Bell Backup Software Suite provides automatic and scheduled backup, data synchronisation and system archiving and is upgradeable on the web.

The new Packard Bell PB Go will be available in European retail outlets from early 2011 in assorted capacities.

Street price and availability vary according to country.