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Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition

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Answering impelling consumers’ needs for all day computing, on-the-go usage and extreme simplicity, Packard Bell today announces its brand new EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition. Stylish and smart, the EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition features a convertible design and a multi-touch screen with 180 degrees rotation that transforms this high-end laptop into a tablet PC, with up to 8-hours of battery life and a unique ultra-mobile usability.
While previously launched EasyNote Butterfly models were already responding to the highest mobility requirements, the addition of touch technology, especially on a tablet pc, is adding great ease-of-use, fun and user-friendliness to the newborn of the EasyNote Butterfly Series.
“Touch” means an easier and more intuitive way to access and interact with a device. “Touch” is for everyone, reducing the gap between users and technology.
“Touch” is fun, faster and more natural. Touch it, Love it, Live it!

Easy-to-use. Easy-to-carry
The new Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition is easy-to-use and easy-to-carry. It combines the superb ergonomics of a tablet with the comfort of a notebook in a mini-size. 
11.6-inch (29 cm) display with a 1366 x 768 screen resolution and a full size keyboard (with 20% bigger keys than a 10.1-inch), it weighs less than 1.6 kg[1].
A simple swivel of the screen transforms the EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition into a tablet. Auto-rotation automatically adjusts image orientation vertically or horizontally for more comfortable web page viewing, navigation and contents’ sharing! The EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition can be easily converted into an e-book, a photo or videoframe.

Cool. Designed for style
The EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition is designed for style-conscious consumers. Available in an eye-catching Cherry Red or in a more classic NightSky Black, it draws inspiration from the grace and beauty of a butterfly.
The glossy cover reminds the iridescence of butterfly wings, reflecting refined charm and catching attention.
The chromium touchpad buttons, the delicate grey trim and the integration of the 6-cell flush battery into the chassis confer elegance and grace to the appealing EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition.

Smart ergonomics
The interior of the EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition itself reflects pure style and easy functionality. Dotted texture on the palm rest means no fingerprints.
Smart ergonomics are outlined by the renowned Packard Bell multi-gesture touchpad, which allows you to scroll up and down, zoom in and out, browse documents back and forth, or rotate pictures by simply using 2 fingers.
A programmable key on the display bezel can be set by the end-user. MyBackUp key, on the top of the keyboard, allows the user to save files quickly and automatically.
The power switch on the side is great for easy access when in tablet mode.
In addition, the EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition also introduces a fast and intuitive way to interact with all applications.
The Packard Bell TouchPortal is the doorway to fun and useful touch gadgets and Microsoft® Touch Pack applications. Create colorful notes with Packard Bell TouchMemo, discover new destinations using Microsoft® Surface Globe, and browse favorite websites with your fingertips. Experience new ways of sharing and enjoying cherished moments -- blog about your trips, read e-books, or use your netbook like a digital photo frame for showing off videos and photos with the touch of a finger[2]!  
More over the EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition comes standard with the full version of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7 making photo editing simple.

8-hour power on-the-go
The EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition is conceived for all-day connecting, working or entertaining, wherever you are. It is powered by an ultra-low-voltage processor from Intel® up to Intel® Core™2 Duo SU 9400, and comes with a 6-cell battery pack to consume less power for a full-day’s usage.
All you need to connect and chat with friends on social networks is built-in: Wi-Fi, microphone, VGA webcam, optional 3G module and optional Bluetooth for a wider range of connectivity.
The up to 640 MB hard disk drive, the 5-in-1 card reader, plus up to 4 GB Ram and an HDMI port provide the performance for full-throttle on-the-go usage.

Availability and price
Equipped with Microsoft Windows® 7 Home Premium, the EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition will be available starting end of February 2010 at an estimated start price of £499.

Availability and technical features will vary according to countries.

[1] Vary according to HW configuration

[2] The EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition also supports pen input