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Phanteks announces the release of the new Glacier Series products and new Accessories

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands,  January 17th, 2019 – Phanteks today announced the launch of the Vertical GPU Bracket and Riser Cables. Both of the products allows the users to attach a GPU and install it vertically, unlocking a new level of customization for their GPU setup. 

The new vertical GPU bracket with our latest Flat Line Riser Cable allows for a more flexible and easier installation. The Vertical GPU Bracket combined with the Riser cables is a full solution for the Gaming PC and 

Modding enthusiasts that wants to customize their GPUs. The Vertical GPU Bracket (VGPUKT_02) and Flat Line riser cables will be available end of  January 2019.

Vertical GPU Bracket with Flat Line 220mm Riser cable PH-VGPUKT_02 €39,90/£33.90

Phanteks Flat Line 220mm Riser Cable PH-CBRS_FL22 €29,90/£25.90

Phanteks Flat Line 300mm Riser Cable PH-CBRS_FL30 €29,90/£25.90


For more detailed data and specifications information, please visit our website WWW.PHANTEKS.COM


2 Years Limited Warranty