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Phanteks launches Evolv Shift 2 and Evolv Shift 2 Air

by Mark Tyson on 4 December 2020, 11:11

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Phanteks has taken the wraps off the Evolv Shift 2 and Evolv Shift 2 Air which jointly succeed the previous gen Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift. These second gen Mini ITX towers provide more room for beefy graphics cards and increase airflow, especially the mesh sided 'Air' model. The new designs also feature RGB lighting (tempered glass model) and tweaks to the I/O layout.

Before we go further it is worth getting the differences between the Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 and Evolv Shift 2 Air out of the way. The Air model uses mesh sides rather than temperd glass sides and is thus more better ventilated, though Phanteks insists either design provides ample airflow, improved upon the first gen. Another difference is that the tempered glass sided model provides aRGB lighting as standard, and it weighs 1.9kg more, at 6.9kg unpopulated. Everything else, bar the price, is the same.

As well as improved airflow, greater flexibility with layouts, and increased GPU max compatibility, the Phanteks designers have rejigged the front I/O to be a bit more convenient with the Evolv Shift 2/Air. Phanteks have increased the size of the chassis very slightly in this second gen – from 274 × 170 × 484mm to 274 × 186 × 490mm. The power/reset stays atop of the chassis but the 2 × USB 3.0 (USB 3.2 Gen 1) are at the foot of the tower.

So, what are the new max compatibility figures? I've bullet pointed them below, as well as the fan/rad, and storage device compatibility:

  • CPU cooler: 85mm tall
  • GPU: 335mm long and 2.9 slots wide
  • PSU: 130mm (SFX form factor PSU)
  • Motherboard: Mini ITX
  • Fans: Rear: 2 × 140/120mm (1 × 140 mm included), Floor: 1 × 140/120mm (optional). Possible to fit 1x 120mm radiator in rear.
  • Drives: 1x 3.5-inch, 2x 2.5-inch (additional bracket for two more 2.5-inch drives can be supplied)

The layout Phanteks has used for this design is rather interesting. For example, the graphics card is fitted to the motherboard and sits behind it connected via a PCIe 3.0 riser cable. This shows off your GPU's RGB LED fans nicely in the left side window. Moreover, it presents the GPU I/O next to the motherboard I/O at the top of the case. Not to worry though, as the ports are all hidden under a push and release top panel, and the connecting wires (monitor, Ethernet, audio I/O. etc) just come out of the back at the top.

The availability of these new Mini ITX chassis is penciled in for this month. Pricing is as below:

  • Evolv Shift 2 – Black/Anthracite Grey - $109.99 / €109,90 / £99.99
  • Evolv Shift 2 Air – Black/ Anthracite Grey - $99.99 / €99,90 / £89.99

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How many litres is this??
Converted from the overalls, it would be 25 Litres.
Converted from the overalls, it would be 25 Litres.

Yes, 25 litres, up from 22.5 litres of the original model