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Phanteks intros the Glacier One 240T30 AiO CPU cooler

by Mark Tyson on 13 August 2021, 13:11

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Cases and cooling specialist Phanteks has just done a double launch. On Thursday it took the wraps off a new AiO cooler dubbed the Glacier One 240T30, as well as its brand new T20-120 LCP fans which are equipped to push air through the aforementioned AiO's radiator.

Phanteks says that it has worked for 'years' alongside fans specialist, Sunon, to prepare its T30-120 cooling fans. One of the key features of the T30-120 is the material used for construction. Phanteks says the glass fibre reinforced LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) that is used for the fan blades and frame are "immensely rigid and durable". This in turn is good for stability at all speeds / temperatures the fan will face, for great airflow, reduced turbulence, and superlative noise performance. Thanks to the exceptionally rigid material, Phanteks has been able to minimise the fan/frame gap, and with the T30-120 there is just 0.5mm between the fan blade tip and mounts.

Another thing worth mentioning about the fans is that Phanteks claims the "unique 30 mm fan frame" allows for a 25 per cent larger fan blade. Normal 120mm case fans that you buy are 25mm thick in total (fan plus frame).

  • Phanteks T30-120 fan, single pack: €29.90 / £25.99 / $29.99.
  • Phanteks T30-120 fan, triple pack: €84.90 / £74.99 / $84.99.

The Phanteks Glacier One 240T30 AiO cooler uses two of the T30-120 fans that I have outlined above. To accommodate the thicker fans it has a 38mm thick 240mm radiator – please keep this in mind with any space-constrained PC builds. Phanteks describes the Glacier One 240T30 as a premium, easy-to-install cooler which is "capable of cooling powerful CPUs while operating silently".

Other key features of the Glacier One 240T30 are its tempered glass 'Infinity Mirror' cooling block with 3D effect, clean full-cover design, easy but secure magnetic mounting (for LGA 115x, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066, 1200 and AM4, sTRX4, TR4), plus Phanteks D-RGB lighting compatible with all the major motherboard maker sync systems.

The Phanteks Glacier One 240T30 AiO cooler will become available this month at €169.90 / £149.99 / $169.99.

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The 30mm thick frame certainly is not “unique”, though…..
Needs to be a 280mm to properly compete. This might dethrone the Arctic, but the price is much higher.