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Phenom II X3 AM3 @ 3.7GHz: CyberPower sticks it in a system

by Tarinder Sandhu on 20 February 2009, 11:18

Tags: Cyberpower

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Built for the gamer

The large radiator is cooled by a couple of 120mm fans - that ship with the chassis - right behind it, and the cooling all fits together well, yet the cooling's pretty loud even when the system's idling.

It's the first time we've seen DDR3 used on with an AMD pre-built system, and CyberPower uses 4GB of OCZ DDR3 operating at a blistering 1,700MHz.

Ostensibly a gaming system, Sapphire's Radeon HD 4870 1GB is a sensible choice, but, as you can clearly see, it's not watercooled. We'd have shelled out the extra pennies for the dual-GPU Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB, though.

The rest of the specification is decent enough, including a combination Blu-ray and HD DVD (reading) optical drive, 700W Cooler Master PSU, Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound, 750GB hard drive, and Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

A peek at what's to come, please head back in a few days for the full review. Until then, we'd love to hear your initial comments in the forums. Would you spend £1,200, including VAT, on a system with these innards?

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no of course not, but it means ill be looking at 3.7+ without a huge amount of fuss when i get one. which is nice
for £1200 you could easily get a Corei7
no of course not, but it means ill be looking at 3.7+ without a huge amount of fuss when i get one. which is nice
And since the CPU in here is basically identical to the 710 bar the multiplier, it also bodes very well for AMD overclocking in the midrange :) My problem is I'll have to shell out over £150 on a new monitor to make it worth building a system around one!!
for £1200 you could easily get a Corei7
True, but could you get a Core i7 system that's prebuilt, watercooled, overclocked, with otherwise identical specs (and presumably only 3GB RAM instead of 4)? The cost / value of a computer isn't solely based on the processor at it's heart, regardless of what Intel's marketing team would like you to believe ;) Besides, based on the rest of this spec a Core i7 wouldn't actually make a significant difference to gaming performance, so what's the point?

On the other hand, I'm concerned at the total price given that the CPU, mobo, memory and graphics card together shouldn't set you back more than £600 at retail prices…
Considering you can get 3.6 out of an i7 on air with no problems it will be interesting to read the full review and see if the water cooling is worth it. Also if you're going to add the GPU into the loop they will need to add a second rad and that's probably not them market they are targeting?

Cable management looks a little shocking from those pics:confused:
Anyone know the specs for the watercooling system in that?