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  • An open letter to Virgin Media

    An open letter to Virgin Media

    9 November 2007, 09:35

    Dear Virgin Media, This week I received an e-mail from the Telewest arm of your technical support group, offering up help and advice to try to solve a packet loss ...

  • PulseLINK HD up your home

    9 January 2007, 07:11

    PulseLINK’s Whole-Home Interactive HD solution is claimed to be the first to allow room-to-room distribution of multiple HDTV streams and multimedia content over co-ax and wireless networks simultaneously

  • Highway to Hell

    27 November 2000, 00:00

    Home Highway (hereafter HH) is a package that has been around for ages from BT. It is their consumer level ISDN product, as opposed to ISDN 2e which is aimed ...


    27 September 2000, 00:00


  • Building a Hardware Modem

    27 July 2000, 00:00

    Once upon a time, I had a softmodem in my PC. It sucked CPU time, but I didn't mind too much. When it came to sharing the Modem, I had ...

  • Which ISP?

    25 May 2000, 00:00

    Nildram, with fast games servers and a great network, with free dialups and 0845 access, this is definitely a venture worth using. They have Quake2/3/UT servers and some counter strike ...